An Israeli Finds Out What’s on Jordan’s Side of the Dead Sea


I first heard the rumors about the Jordanian Dead Sea many years in the past. It’s stated that on the correct aspect of the Jordan, opposite our Dead Sea with its veteran lodges and their battered picture, lie elegance, luxury and open expanses. But not like Sinai and Aqaba, that are slowly penetrating the Israeli vacationer map, the Jordanian Dead Sea remains legend-like, an abstract concept. The standard cause Israelis first give for ignoring the vicinity is that the upscale resorts of the Jordanian Dead Sea aren’t mainly cheap. Nevertheless, a short look on Booking.Com suggests that during Jordan resorts at a prestigious lodge run via a famous chain are to be had for the fee of a room with bunk beds in an Israeli field faculty. Not a awful reason to hit the street.

Getting to the Jordanian facet of the Dead Sea, even though it’s simply across the way, isn’t a simple depend. The closest crossing, Allenby Bridge, deals with Palestinians and the caprices of the occupation. Israeli residents are imagined to go to the border terminal throughout the Jordan River from Beit She’an, 100 kilometers (sixty two miles) north of the area with the accommodations; the crossing at Eilat is 260 kilometers south of the Dead Sea. I nonetheless have a trauma from the Beit She’an terminal. One time I got there and the Jordanians wouldn’t let me pass over, on the pretext of some random protection law.

 Israeli Finds

At gift, following the deterioration of relations with the dominion, the methods have simplest emerge as greater rigid. To input thru the northern crossing, every body traveling on an Israeli passport one should set up to be met on the other facet by means of a manual from Amman – a doubtful pleasure that prices 400 shekels (currently $117). “Take out a second mortgage,” I became suggested by using Rinat Turgeman, a regular tourist to Jordan, who has grow to be the angel of different vacationers and attempted to assist me out with a few tips.

Half a year ago, it turned into decided that the Israeli vacationer might should hire a fictitious tour manual on the Aqaba crossing, too, but there the fee is ready 75 shekels. Still, Turgeman promised me exceptional matters on the Jordanian Dead Sea. “You received’t find lodges like that in Israel, and I’m talking about ‘wow’ lodges. The provider there may be better and matters are cheaper, despite the fact that not with the aid of that a great deal. In the final analysis, it comes out to approximately 1,000 shekels less for a holiday, that is full-size.”

In the end I selected the southern option. I take benefit of each excuse to get to Aqaba. Somehow, things commonly paintings available. I believed that with a little studies, I would locate an less expensive way to arise to the Dead Sea. I’m a failure in many areas, it’s authentic, but with regards to transportation I’m a tactician with natural instincts.


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