Location News

Jordanians hit boulevards for second week calling for end to $10bn Israeli gas bargain

Several Jordanians fought on Friday requiring the finish of a $10bn gas manage Israel […]

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Post eco-diving

Jordanian jumper focused on oceanic assurance by means of eco-diving

Diving into the Gulf of Aqaba, Mahmoud Awartani, a Jordanian diving teacher, gradually loosened […]

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Post Aqaba Customs Center

Aqaba Customs Center inks arrangement to digitize load shipping activities

Jordan is set to build up a pilot zone in the Aqaba Customs Center […]

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Post Crude Oil Pipeline

North America Leads Global Crude Oil Pipeline Additions

North America will contribute approximately 51 percent to all new crude oil trunk or […]

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Post Iraq China

Is Iraq About To Become A Chinese Client State?

Following the political and mainstream reaction in Iran over subtleties of its arrangements to […]

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Post aluminum fluoride manufacturing plant

New aluminum fluoride manufacturing plant to give 100 employments in Maan

Jordan Phosphate Mines Company Chairman Muhammad Thneibat and Chairman of the Board of Directors […]

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Post Aqaba Cycling

From Um Qais to Aqaba: spinning 730 kilometers through Jordan

Completely, the Jordan Bike Trail extends 730km from Umm Qais in the north toward […]

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Post Aqaba Climate

Another virus front seemingly within easy reach

Temperatures are estimate to arrive at their occasional normal on Monday, while the climate […]

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Post Aqaba Tourism

‘Abu-Ghazaleh’ Launches Campaign to Empower Women in Tourism Sector in Aqaba in participation with Awraq

Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global) in organization with Awraq Company for Community Development propelled a […]

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Post Aqaba Container Terminal

Jordan Customs to steer IBM, Maersk’s coordinations blockchain platform

On December 16, the Jordan Customs Department reported a pilot of the TradeLens blockchain […]

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