The Rise of Snapchat: How Brands are Embracing the Platform’s AR Features


Snapchat, the social media platform that originated as a messaging app, is gaining more popularity with each passing day. With over 500 million monthly active users globally, Snapchat has become a fan favourite among millennials and Gen Z.

One of the reasons behind Snapchat’s popularity is its emphasis on creating short-form video content. The platform’s 60-second video limit allows users to share quick, engaging content that can be viewed on-the-go. Snapchat’s emphasis on vertical videos has also made it easier for brands to create content that fits into the mobile screen easily.

As a result, Snapchat has become a hub for snackable, entertaining videos, making it an ideal platform for brands to promote their products in a creative way.


Augmented Reality Features

Another reason why Snapchat has gained popularity is the app’s augmented reality (AR) features. The platform’s AR filters range from face lenses to location-based filters that use geo-tagging to add location-specific animations. The app’s AR technology has become increasingly sophisticated, with the introduction of voice-activated lenses and 3D Bitmojis.

Brands are taking notice of Snapchat’s AR features and incorporating them into their marketing strategies. For example, Taco Bell used Snapchat’s AR technology to create a filter that allowed users to turn their face into a taco shell. The filter went viral, making Taco Bell the first brand to get over 224 million views on a Snapchat lens.

User Privacy

Snapchat’s emphasis on user privacy is another reason why the app is becoming more popular. Snapchat’s ephemeral messaging system allows users to send pictures and videos that disappear after a short time, making it difficult for others to screenshot or save them. The platform’s privacy features have also been upgraded with the introduction of two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption.

As users become more aware of the importance of their privacy online, Snapchat is positioning itself as the go-to social media app for those who want to keep their personal information secure.

With its emphasis on short-form video content, AR features, and user privacy, Snapchat is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. As brands continue to explore new and creative ways to use the app for marketing, it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Snapchat in the future.


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