Agra Municipal Corporation Hit With Rs 9.3 Crore Fine for Polluting Yamuna

In a major crackdown on environmental pollution, the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) has imposed a fine of Rs 9.3 crore on the Agra Municipal Corporation (AMC) for failing to control river pollution. This fine has been imposed after AMC was found guilty of releasing untreated sewage water into the river Yamuna.

Fine imposed by UPPCB

As per the UPPCB officials, the Agra civic body was given a notice last year as well, but it continued to pollute the river with sewage. This has caused severe damage to the environment and has also affected the health of the citizens. Following this, the UPPCB has imposed the hefty fine on the AMC to hold them accountable for their actions.


Reactions from the Authorities

The AMC authorities have stated that they are taking measures to counter the sewage issue and have already installed several Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) across the city. They are also working towards adding more STPs to ensure that the sewage water is treated and cleaned before it is released into the river.

Impact on the Citizens

The pollution of the Yamuna river has been a major issue for Agra residents for a long time now. As the river is not just a source of water for them but also a sacred site, this fine on AMC has been welcomed by the citizens. The locals are now hoping that the AMC takes immediate action to control the pollution, to maintain the city’s beauty and ensure a healthy environment.

As India continues its fight against pollution, this action against Agra Municipal Corporation sets a great example on how authorities and citizens should work together to maintain our surroundings.

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