iPhone 16 Pro Rumored to Have Thinner and Lighter Camera Lenses

Apple is reportedly working on a major upgrade for the camera system of its next flagship smartphone, the iPhone 16 Pro. According to a report from Economic Daily News, the iPhone 16 Pro will feature advanced molded glass lenses that will allow for a thinner and lighter design, as well as better optical zoom performance.
Molded glass lenses are a type of lens that are formed by heating and shaping glass in a mold, rather than grinding and polishing it. This process can produce lenses with complex shapes and high precision, as well as reduce the number of components and assembly steps required. Molded glass lenses are widely used in various optical devices, such as cameras, projectors, microscopes, and telescopes.
iPhone 16 Pro Rumored to Have Thinner and Lighter Camera Lenses
iPhone 16 Pro Rumored to Have Thinner and Lighter Camera Lenses

How will they improve the iPhone 16 Pro camera?

The report claims that Apple will use molded glass lenses only on the telephoto lens of the iPhone 16 Pro, which is currently the only difference between the Pro and the Pro Max models. The iPhone 15 Pro has a 3x optical zoom lens, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a 5x optical zoom lens with a tetraprism design. The tetraprism is a four-sided prism that bends the light path and allows for a longer focal length in a shorter space.

By using molded glass lenses, Apple could achieve a similar or better zoom range in a smaller and lighter package, as well as improve the image quality and stability. The report also suggests that Apple could use a periscope lens design, which is a type of lens that uses a series of mirrors and prisms to extend the optical path and increase the magnification. Periscope lenses have been used by some Android smartphone makers, such as Huawei, Samsung, and Oppo, to offer up to 10x optical zoom or more.

When will the iPhone 16 Pro launch?

The report states that Apple has already started preparing the materials for the molded glass lenses, which is the first time that the company has done so a year in advance. This indicates that Apple is serious about the camera upgrade and wants to ensure the production capacity and quality. However, the report also notes that the molded glass lenses are difficult to manufacture and that the supply could be limited.

The iPhone 16 Pro is expected to launch in the fall of 2023, along with the iPhone 16, iPhone 16 mini, and iPhone 16 Pro Max. The iPhone 16 series is also rumored to feature a 120Hz ProMotion display, a smaller notch, an under-display Touch ID sensor, and a new M3 chip.


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