How To Promote Your Brand On Telegram?


How To Promote Your Brand On Telegram: Telegram is one of the new players in the instant messaging app scene. This cross-platform, cloud-based messaging app is free to use.

Despite having been a newly introduced player in the marketing scene, this application has been growing rapidly since its launch in 2013. This free-to-try messaging application is useful for reducing costs while reaching new potential consumers and is ideal for most brands. As of last year, the monthly active user base exceeded 550 million, and the channels posts generated totaled 30 billion view counts.

This program requires extensive security, as it processes a vast amount of data. For this reason, complete end-to-end encryption is offered for video calls and chats. By integrating Telegram marketing into a company’s marketing strategy, its brand can benefit from the increase in user numbers generated by the application’s use among users. However, the problem with freemium applications is that once it has a substantial user base, there is a greater probability of having to charge for premium features.

Thus, brands should get on the program as soon as possible before it fills up or becomes paid.

1. Using Telegram Groups

If you’re already familiar with chat groups from other social media platforms or messaging apps, you may already be familiar with chat groups from platforms other than WhatsApp.

Telegram groups are much like other chat groups from other messaging apps; however, they can accommodate up to 20,000 members in a group. Telegram chat groups are excellent for building communities. Consider launching a chat group to chat about anything related to the services and products of your business. Members of the campaign can post photos, videos, user-generated content, files, and messages in the group.

These features make Telegram groups a great marketing tool that can quickly reach a large audience. With this feature, imagine how big your brand’s community could become, especially if the content you share remains useful to the group members. Of course, to avoid chat groups from going off-brand or evolving into something else, Telegram provides administrators granular control over managing thousands of members in the discussion thread.

How To Promote Your Brand On Telegram

2. Leveraging Telegram Channel

Another way to advertise your brand on Telegram is to create a channel. A Telegram channel is a place where you can post an unlimited number of messages or content to a large number of users. It is a space for brands to post announcements, updates, or any style of content without adhering to posting limits. However, unlike the Telegram groups, the channel is not intended for two-way communication and is not intended to spark conversations.

Public and private channels exist; admins can create both types of channels and run them in a similar manner. Public channels are searchable by anyone and are open to the public. Private channels, however, can only be joined by users approved by the admin. Some admins submit their channels to the Telegram Channel directory to increase brand recognition and searchability. On the other hand, a private channel requires an invitation before anyone can come in.

Private channels are desirable for enterprises because they are able to track who can access their content. Telegram channels also offer a level of anonymity among their users that other social media platforms do not. For broadcasting content, users are only invited to participate in Telegram channels to consume the posts and not to communicate with one another. To retain members of a channel’s subscribers, their identities are concealed to each other, which avoids poaching.

3. Utilizing Telegram Chatbots

The bots are everywhere. Today, everyone is looking for ways to make their jobs and lives easier. Marketing chatbots are invaluable helpers for organizations. These handy computer programs allow staff members to focus on important tasks and free other personnel up to perform other tasks. If you want to forego tedious tasks, you can program them using a chatbot.

Like the other features of Telegram, chatbots are completely free. All you need to do is use the Telegram Application Programming Interface (API) and Telegram Database Library (TDLib) to build your very own custom chatbot that can help you with activities like providing customer service and collecting leads or sending articles and newsletters to existing customers. Chatbots exist to make the lives of the administrators easier in any way possible.

4. Using Individual Messaging

One-on-one messaging is a great way to make your users feel special and your account humanized in the digital age. The easiest method to reach your audience on Telegram is to send them messages directly. They say your network is your net worth, and this adage holds well, especially in cyberspace.

You can add more contacts to your Telegram account and build your network at the same time. You can also post a link to your brand’s Telegram page on posts on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as in your blog and on your website.

5. Trying Cross–Promotion

If you have exhausted all ideas and messaging activities for your groups, channel, and one-on-one messaging, consider cross-promotion activities. Another option is to supercharge your Telegram promotion strategy with cross-channel promotions. As you likely know, public channels and groups are searchable inside the application. You can look for other groups related to your target group by using keywords on the search input field or browsing in group directories.

By publishing helpful content like tips, advice, and resources, you can draw a great deal of attention to your channel and attract new followers.

6. Paying For Telegram Ads

Another option is to promote your company by purchasing advertisements.

You can advertise Telegram posts by paying the social media platform. However, Telegram ads can only target public channels and have limited information about the characteristics of the audience you want to target.

In addition, ads will only be displayed to YouTube users who have at least 1,000 followers and whose videos are limited to 160 characters. This may prevent smaller businesses and micro businesses from participating.

However, you can still benefit from it as you can submit specific and effective adverts that many readers will view.

How To Promote Your Brand On Telegram – Takeaways

Telegram marketing is a new way to advertise to your audience. This app is currently one of the most engaging mobile apps on the market.

Adding this platform to your marketing program is an excellent way to expand your brand’s omnichannel presence. In addition to sending individual messages to your market, you can also utilize groups, channels, chatbots, and cross-promotional activities to build your authority and generate more leads.


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