Jerusalem’s Hagoren Bar: A Place for Mature Drinkers


If you are looking for a cozy and classy place to enjoy a drink in Jerusalem, you might want to check out Hagoren, a new bar that caters to the grownups. Hagoren, which means “the Goren” in Hebrew, is named after the street where it is located, near Zion Square. The bar offers a variety of Israeli wines, spirits, and cocktails, as well as a limited food menu from Mike’s Place, the popular pub across the street.

A Passion for Israeli Drinks

Hagoren is managed by Eden Caplan, a young and enthusiastic wine lover who recently completed a wine course. He says he wanted to create a place where people can appreciate the quality and diversity of Israeli drinks. “All the wine, alcohols, and spirits at Hagoren are Israeli, and there is a nice selection of wines by the glass. The music playlist is also all-Israeli,” he says.

Jerusalem’s Hagoren Bar: A Place for Mature Drinkers
Jerusalem’s Hagoren Bar: A Place for Mature Drinkers

Caplan says he is especially proud of the cocktails, which are made with unique Israeli liqueurs from the Golan Heights Distillery. The distillery produces whiskey, gin, brandy, and liqueurs with flavors such as ginger and lemon, coconut and pumpkin, fig and date, and more. Caplan says he likes to experiment with different combinations and create new drinks for his customers.

A Relaxing Atmosphere

Hagoren is not a place for loud music and dancing. It is a place for conversation and relaxation. The bar has a cozy indoor space with wooden tables and chairs, as well as an outdoor terrace with comfortable sofas and cushions. The lighting is soft and warm, creating a romantic mood.

The bar attracts a mature crowd, mostly in their 30s and 40s, who are looking for a quiet and classy night out. Caplan says he wants to offer his customers a different experience from the typical Jerusalem nightlife scene. “There are many bars in Jerusalem that are noisy and crowded, where you can’t hear yourself talk. Hagoren is a place where you can sit down and enjoy a drink with your friends or your date, without being disturbed by loud music or drunk people,” he says.

A Limited Food Menu

Hagoren does not have its own kitchen, but it offers a limited food menu from Mike’s Place, which belongs to the same owners. Customers can order schnitzels, burgers, fries, and other pub food that are made at Mike’s Place and delivered to Hagoren. Caplan says he plans to expand the food menu in the future, but for now he focuses on the drinks.

Hagoren is open every day from 6 p.m. until midnight or later, depending on the demand. The bar also hosts occasional events such as wine tastings, live music performances, and trivia nights. Caplan says he hopes to make Hagoren a popular destination for Jerusalem’s mature drinkers who appreciate quality Israeli drinks and a relaxing atmosphere.


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