When Gordon Ramsay was nice: The rare moments of praise from the fiery chef


Gordon Ramsay is known for his harsh criticism and foul language on his reality TV shows, especially Hell’s Kitchen. But there have been some occasions when he showed his softer side and gave genuine compliments to the contestants. Here are some of the most memorable examples of Gordon Ramsay being nice on Hell’s Kitchen.

Tofu that impressed the meat lover

In season 14, the chefs had to create a vegetarian dish with a limited budget. T Gregoire, who called herself a “meatatarian”, was out of her comfort zone. She decided to make a tofu version of chicken and dumplings, with ginger butter sauce and vegetables.

When Gordon Ramsay was nice: The rare moments of praise from the fiery chef
When Gordon Ramsay was nice: The rare moments of praise from the fiery chef

Gordon Ramsay tasted her dish and was pleasantly surprised. He said, “Tofu I have never been a big fan of… until now.” He praised her dish as delicious and complimented her use of vegetables. He also said that she made him like an ingredient that he usually disliked.

T was thrilled by his feedback and said that it was the best compliment she ever received. She made it to the final two, but lost to Meghan Gill.

Sterling’s infectious positivity

Sterling Wright was one of the most cheerful and upbeat contestants in season 13. He always had a smile on his face and a positive attitude, even when things went wrong. He also had a good sense of humor and often made Gordon Ramsay laugh.

When Sterling was eliminated in the ninth episode, Gordon Ramsay did not berate him or take away his jacket. Instead, he hugged him and said, “You’ve been a joy to be around and you’ve put smiles on all our faces.” He also told him to keep his jacket as a souvenir and said that he would miss him.

Sterling thanked him for the opportunity and said that he learned a lot from him. He also said that he loved him and called him “Chef Ramsay”.

Ji’s perfect sea bass

Ji-Hyun Cha was a contestant in season 5 who impressed Gordon Ramsay with her signature dish. She presented a Chilean sea bass with ginger soy sauce and rice. Gordon Ramsay took one bite and said, “Looks like you’ve been cooking for 15 years, cooked perfectly.”

He also said that her dish was stunning and that he saw a lot of potential in her. Ji was happy with his praise and said that she wanted to show her father what she could do.

Unfortunately, Ji injured herself in the second episode when she slipped on oil and sprained her ankle. She decided to leave the competition during elimination, saying that she did not want to hold back her team.

Gordon Ramsay respected her decision and told her to keep her jacket as a token of appreciation. He also told her to come back when she recovered and that he would love to see her again.

Milly’s passion for cooking

Milly Medley was a contestant in season 14 who had a strong passion for cooking. He showed his skills and creativity throughout the season, but also faced some challenges and doubts.

In the 15th episode, Gordon Ramsay had a one-on-one chat with Milly before the final dinner service. He told him that he was one of the most passionate chefs he ever met and that it was nice to see.

He also encouraged him to believe in himself and to cook from his heart. He said, “You’ve got something very unique inside you. Don’t ever lose that.”

Milly was moved by his words and said that it meant a lot to him coming from Gordon Ramsay. He also said that he wanted to make him proud. He made it to the final three, but lost to Meghan Gill.


Gordon Ramsay may be notorious for his insults and curses, but he is also capable of giving sincere compliments and encouragement when he sees talent and dedication. These rare moments of praise from the fiery chef show that he is not just a harsh critic, but also a mentor and a friend.


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