Eurovision 2023 First Semi-Final to Feature Unicorns and Royal Themes


Eurovision 2023 is set to be an event unlike any other, with a plethora of royal themes and unicorns taking center stage. This year’s semi-final will feature 15 countries, each vying for 10 spots in the grand finale on Saturday. From Israel’s unicorn singer Noa Kirel to Estonia’s Merlyn with her song “Unicorn Vibes”, this year’s competition is sure to be a magical affair.

The first semi-final of Eurovision 2023 promises to be an exciting night, with a wide variety of acts from across Europe competing for the top spot. Fans can expect to see performances ranging from traditional folk music to modern pop, all with a unique twist. Many of the songs have been inspired by royal themes, such as the Czech Republic’s entry My Sister’s Crown by girl group Bistro Banditos. Other acts have taken inspiration from mythical creatures like unicorns, including Israel’s Noa Kirel and her song Unicorn.

Unicorns and Royal Themes
Unicorns and Royal Themes

Songs On A Royal Theme

This year’s Eurovision semi-final will feature several songs that draw on royal themes and motifs. From Lithuania’s entry Queen Of The Night by Lithuanian band Lietuva to Sweden’s King Of The World by Swedish singer Måns Zelmerlöw, there are plenty of royal-inspired tunes for fans to enjoy. In addition, many of the songs have been written specifically for this year’s competition and feature lyrics about kings and queens, knights and princesses, and other elements of royalty.

How Does The Semi-Final Work?

The semi-final works in two rounds: the first round is an online vote where viewers around the world can pick their favorite acts; then in the second round ten countries are chosen based on their scores in the first round. After that, it’s up to viewers at home to decide who will make it through to Saturday’s grand finale. With so many talented performers competing this year, it’s sure to be an exciting night!


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