Edible Vegan Bones: A New Twist on Plant-Based Pork Ribs


A vegan food company has announced that it will soon launch plant-based pork ribs with edible vegan bones. The company, Juicy Marbles, claims that the bones are not only compostable, but also tasty and nutritious. The product is expected to be available in the UK, EU and US markets by the end of August.

Why Edible Bones?

The idea of edible bones came from the company’s desire to avoid waste and create a more realistic experience for plant-based meat lovers. The bones are made from seitan, a wheat-based protein that has a chewy texture and can be flavoured with spices and herbs. The company says that the bones have the same amount of protein as beef jerky and need to be baked or fried to produce a crispy snack.

Edible Vegan Bones: A New Twist on Plant-Based Pork Ribs
Edible Vegan Bones: A New Twist on Plant-Based Pork Ribs

The co-founder of Juicy Marbles, Vladimir Mićković, said that some people may see the bones as an ideological provocation, but he thinks it is just fun. He said that bones invite people to eat with their hands and share food with the whole table. He also said that there is a culture of celebration, sharing and belonging around meat, and that anyone cutting down on meat can feel excluded from cultural traditions. That is why the company chose ribs as their next product.

How Are the Ribs Made?

The ribs are made from soy protein, which is marinated in a blend of spices and sauces to mimic the flavour and texture of pork. The ribs are then shaped using a special machine that creates layers of plant-based meat with marbling effect. The ribs are then attached to the edible bones and packaged for delivery.

The company says that the ribs are easy to prepare and can be cooked in an oven, grill or air fryer. The ribs can also be glazed with barbecue sauce or any other sauce of choice. The company claims that the ribs are juicy, tender and satisfying, and that they can fool even the most hardcore meat eaters.

When Will the Ribs Be Available?

The company plans to launch the ribs for regular purchase on its webshop in early 2024. However, before that, the company will release limited batches of the ribs for the UK, EU and US markets. The first batch will be available from the end of August 2023. The company says that it wants to gather as much feedback as possible from customers before the full launch. The price of the ribs has not been set yet, but it will be higher than regular ribs, which are generally a cheap meat product.

The company hopes that its innovative product will appeal to vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians who are looking for new ways to enjoy plant-based meat. The company also hopes that its product will contribute to reducing animal suffering, environmental damage and health risks associated with animal agriculture.


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