D-ID App Turns Photos into Talking Videos with AI


The Israeli start-up D-ID has launched a new app that allows users to create talking videos from photos using artificial intelligence. The app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, enables users to upload a still image and a script and generate a realistic video of the person or character speaking the text in any of 120 languages.

How D-ID App Works

The app uses a combination of proprietary and open source AI technologies to power its video generation. The app’s core model can produce video frames based on audio input at an industry-leading speed of 100 frames per second, four times faster than real-time rendering. The app also leverages Stable Diffusion and GPT-3, two advanced generative AI tools, to create high-quality and natural-looking videos.

D-ID App Turns Photos into Talking Videos with AI
D-ID App Turns Photos into Talking Videos with AI

To use the app, users can either choose from a selection of premade digital people that D-ID provides or upload their own image from their phone’s photo library. They can then enter the text they want the digital person to say, select the voice type and tone, and preview and download the video. The videos can be up to 10 minutes long and are subject to the same ethical policies as the web version of D-ID’s Creative Reality Studio.

What D-ID App Can Do

The app can be used for various purposes, such as creating digital representations of oneself, historical figures, fictional characters, presenters or brand ambassadors. Users can also experiment with different languages, accents, emotions and expressions to create engaging and personalized videos.

The app can be useful for various industries and sectors, such as education, training, communication, marketing and entertainment. For example, users can create videos for teaching materials, internal or external announcements, product demonstrations, sales pitches, social media posts or storytelling.

Who is Behind D-ID App

D-ID is a Tel Aviv-based start-up that was founded in 2017 by three former members of the Israeli Intelligence Corps’ elite 8200 unit. The company’s mission is to democratize access to creative media and empower people to express themselves with AI.

D-ID is best known for its technology that animates historical photos and brings them to life. The company has partnered with MyHeritage, a leading genealogy platform, to integrate its technology into its suite of advanced photo features. The company has also worked with other clients such as Josh, a popular short video app in India, and Green Productions, a leading Israeli production company.

D-ID has raised $19 million in funding so far from investors such as Pitango Venture Capital, Y Combinator, Foundation Capital and AXA Venture Partners.


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