Apple TV+ no longer offers free trial in the UK and South Africa


Apple TV+, the streaming service that features original shows and movies from Apple, has quietly discontinued its seven-day free trial offer for new subscribers in the UK and South Africa. The change, which was first spotted by 9to5Mac, means that customers in these regions will have to pay £4.99 per month or R84.99 per month respectively to start watching Apple TV+ content, without any option to try it out for free.

Why did Apple end the free trial?

Apple has not given any official explanation for why it decided to end the free trial offer in the UK and South Africa, while keeping it available in other countries where Apple TV+ operates. However, some possible reasons could be:

  • Legal or regulatory issues: Apple may have faced some legal or regulatory challenges in offering a free trial in these regions, such as complying with consumer protection laws or tax regulations.
Apple TV+ no longer offers free trial in the UK and South Africa
Apple TV+ no longer offers free trial in the UK and South Africa
  • Market strategy: Apple may have determined that the free trial was not effective in attracting or retaining customers in these regions, and that charging upfront would generate more revenue or reduce churn.
  • Industry trend: Apple may have followed the example of other streaming services, such as Netflix, that have also eliminated their free trial offers in recent years, as a way to reduce costs or prevent abuse.

What are the alternatives to the free trial?

Customers in the UK and South Africa who are interested in subscribing to Apple TV+ still have some options to get access to the service without paying full price. These include:

  • Buying an eligible Apple device: Customers who buy a new or refurbished iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, or Mac from Apple or an authorized reseller can get three months of free Apple TV+3. This offer can be redeemed once per device and per Apple ID, and must be claimed within 90 days of device activation.
  • Signing up for Apple One: Customers who sign up for the Apple One subscription bundle can get 30 days of free access to Apple TV+, along with other services such as Apple Music, Apple Arcade, iCloud, and more. The bundle starts at £14.95 per month or R149.95 per month for the individual plan, and can be shared with up to five family members.
  • Joining the Apple Music Student Plan: Students who join the Apple Music Student Plan for £4.99 per month or R49.99 per month can also get free access to Apple TV+ for as long as they remain a student. This offer is available for verified students at a degree-granting university or college.

What are the best shows and movies on Apple TV+?

Apple TV+ offers a variety of original shows and movies across different genres and formats, such as drama, comedy, thriller, documentary, animation, and more. Some of the most popular and critically acclaimed titles on the service are:

  • Ted Lasso: A comedy series starring Jason Sudeikis as an American football coach who moves to England to manage a struggling soccer team. The show has won multiple awards and has been praised for its humor, heart, and optimism.
  • The Morning Show: A drama series starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell as hosts of a popular morning news show that faces a scandal and a power struggle. The show has also won several awards and has been lauded for its performances and relevance.
  • Mythic Quest: A comedy series created by Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day, best known for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, that follows the staff of a video game studio that produces a successful online game. The show has been applauded for its satire, creativity, and diversity.
  • For All Mankind: A sci-fi series created by Ronald D. Moore, best known for Battlestar Galactica, that imagines an alternate history where the Soviet Union beat the US to the moon landing and sparked a prolonged space race. The show has been commended for its realism, vision, and drama.
  • Greyhound: A war movie starring Tom Hanks as a US Navy captain who leads a convoy of Allied ships across the Atlantic Ocean during World War II while being pursued by German submarines. The movie has been praised for its action, suspense, and historical accuracy.


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