Stepfather slammed for disinheriting stepson from his multimillion-dollar estate

A wealthy man who raised his stepson since he was 10 years old has sparked outrage online for leaving him out of his will. The man claimed that he wanted to prioritize his biological children, who helped him build his fortune.

The controversial decision

The man, who remained anonymous, shared his dilemma on Reddit’s AITA (Am I the A***hole) forum, where he asked other users to judge his actions. He explained that he had married his current wife a few years ago, and she had a son from a previous relationship. He also had his own biological children from his first marriage.

He said that he had always supported all of the children financially and had raised his stepson as his own. However, he decided not to include him as a beneficiary in his will, which he had recently updated. He said that he had a huge estate worth over $10 million, and he wanted to ensure that his biological children received their fair share.

He argued that he had built his wealth thanks to his biological children, who had been a part of his life for longer and had a closer bond with him. He also said that he felt no obligation to provide for his stepson, who had a biological father who was still alive.

Stepfather slammed for disinheriting stepson from his multimillion-dollar estate

The family’s reaction

The man’s decision did not sit well with his wife and several other family members, who disagreed with his choice to exclude his stepson from the will. They said that he was being unfair and cruel to the boy, who considered him as his father figure.

They also warned him that his decision could alienate his stepson and cause conflict in the family. They urged him to reconsider and treat him equally as his other children. They said that as a stepparent, he had a responsibility to care for him and show him love and respect.

The online backlash

The man’s post attracted thousands of comments from Reddit users, who mostly criticized him for his decision. They said that he was being selfish and heartless, and that he was showing favoritism to his biological children. They also said that he was betraying his stepson’s trust and hurting his feelings.

Some of the comments were:

  • “You repeatedly say you want to ‘prioritize’ your biological children, but you can do that without cutting your stepchild out entirely.”
  • “Don’t marry someone with a child if you can’t fully accept that child into your family.”
  • “Stepchild doesn’t mean second-class child buddy. Sure you can choose your favourites, but if you’re their stepdad you should be looking out for them too.”

However, there were also some users who defended the man’s decision, saying that it was his right to do what he wanted with his money. They said that he had no legal or moral obligation to leave anything to his stepson, who had another father who could support him. They also said that the man’s wife and family were being greedy and entitled.

Some of the comments were:

  • “NTA (Not the A***hole), it’s your will. You can do whatever you want with it.”
  • “Your money, your choice. You don’t owe anything to your stepson. He has a dad who can take care of him.”
  • “Your wife and family are being unreasonable. They are trying to guilt-trip you into giving up your hard-earned money.”

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