Ongoing SNCF Crisis: More Strike Dates Announced by Train Drivers’ Union


The ongoing transportation crisis in France has taken another turn with the announcement of more strike dates by the train drivers’ union. The SNCF strike is set to be extended with three more dates identified for May and June, as the train drivers call for higher pay and better working conditions.

The strike action and other transportation-related protests have resulted in significant disruption to rail services and other modes of public transportation across France. These strikes have caused chaos for commuters and travelers alike, with many cancellations and delays expected on the identified strike dates.

Train Strike
Train Strike

Details of the Strike Dates

The union officials have named three strike days to occur on 24th May, 6th June, and 27th June, and have urged all train drivers to join them in the industrial action. The strikes will be operated in key areas of SNCF operations, including the high-speed TGV and intercity lines across the country.

SNCF Management Response

SNCF managers have continued to plead with the train drivers to abandon their intentions of more strike action, asserting that the repeated interruptions have resulted in a significant loss of revenue for the company. The company called for dialogue, saying that it has offered its employees generous salary packages, as well as other benefits and employee protection schemes.

The union officials, however, criticized the SNCF’s proposed package and asserted that it was underwhelming, and inadequate action in response to the imbalances in terms of pay and working conditions for its drivers.

Despite the differences and opposing sides, SNCF management, and union officials have continued to engage in negotiations over the past months, with some progress reported, although no further substantial agreements have been reached.

Therefore, the public transportation system in France will continue to experience significant disruptions on the planned strike days, with the high-speed and intercity rail lines severely impacted. Further updates will be provided by the SNCF in due course.


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