Israeli Yogis Dedicate Sun Salutations to Gaza Hostage Carmel Gat During International Yoga Day

In a powerful display of solidarity and mindfulness, Israeli yogis came together to honor Carmel Gat, a hostage held in Gaza, during this year’s International Yoga Day. The event, which took place at the Tel Aviv Port, marked the 15th consecutive year of collaboration with “EllaYoga” and aimed to raise awareness about Gat’s plight.

Hundreds of participants gathered at Tel Aviv’s Hostages Square, their mats laid out under the setting sun. The focus? 108 sun salutations—a sacred practice in yoga—symbolizing the 108 days of captivity that Carmel Gat has endured. As the yogis flowed through each movement, they channeled their energy toward hope, healing, and freedom.

Testimonies of Resilience

Former hostages who were once held captive by Hamas shared their stories of survival. Among these accounts were testimonies of Carmel Gat leading guided yoga exercises and meditation sessions within the confines of captivity. Her calming presence and dedication provided solace to fellow hostages, reminding them of the power of inner strength and resilience.

A Birthday Tribute

On Carmel Gat’s 40th birthday, her friends and family organized a special yoga practice in central Tel Aviv. The gathering served as both a celebration of her life and a call for her safe return. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the collective energy of the yogis resonated—a beacon of hope for Carmel Gat and all those held against their will.

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