Aqaba gets ready to invite influxes of voyagers after effective 2019


Sixty-three journey ships docked at the port of Aqaba in 2019, bringing 120,000 sightseers; an expansion of five boats and 9,000 travelers from 2018, as indicated by the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA).

In a finish of-year report, ASEZA said that voyagers from around the globe visited the “golden the travel industry triangle” of Jordan, which comprises of Aqaba, Wadi Rum and Petra, just as other archeological and legacy locales.

The Commissioner for Tourism and Economic Development at ASEZA Sharhabeel Madi said in an explanation that travel industry advancement is “a dire need considering the expanding rivalry among Jordan and neighboring nations”, taking note of that the authority is attempting to advertise Jordan in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism.

golden triangle Aqaba

The golden triangle contributes 75 percent of the absolute the travel industry incomes in the Kingdom and positions third regarding the nation’s GDP, as per ASEZA figures.

Madi said the golden triangle’s commitment to the Kingdom’s GDP remained at 18 percent in 2018, taking note of that work is in progress for it to be the greatest giver by 2025.

He focused on that European vacationers have “become certain about the uniqueness of Jordan as a travel industry goal”, and that joint the travel industry programs arranged with a few European partners will bring Jordan “in any event JD20 million through Aqaba and the remainder of the golden triangle”.


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