Amazon’s new AI tool helps sellers create product listings with ease


Amazon has announced a new suite of generative AI tools that will help sellers create product listings with less effort and more accuracy. The tools use large language models to generate content for product titles, bullet points, and descriptions based on a brief input from the seller. The tools aim to improve the listing creation and management experience for sellers, as well as the shopping experience for customers.

How does the AI tool work?

The new generative AI tool is available to sellers on Amazon’s Seller Central platform. To use the tool, sellers only need to provide a few keywords or sentences describing their product in a simple form. The tool then uses large language models (LLMs), a type of machine learning model that can recognize, summarize, translate, predict, and generate text and other content, to build more comprehensive product descriptions.

Amazon’s new AI tool helps sellers create product listings with ease
Amazon’s new AI tool helps sellers create product listings with ease

The tool generates a range of content that the seller can use to build their listing, such as product titles, bullet points, and descriptions. The seller can review and edit the generated content before submitting it to the Amazon catalog. The tool also provides suggestions for improving the quality and relevance of the content, such as adding more details, keywords, or features.

What are the benefits of the AI tool?

The new generative AI tool offers several benefits for both sellers and customers. For sellers, the tool simplifies the process of creating product listings, reducing the need to enter many pieces of specific product data to just one step. The tool also helps sellers create more thorough and captivating product descriptions, which can attract more customers and increase sales.

For customers, the tool enhances their shopping experience by providing them with more complete, consistent, and engaging product information that can help them make informed purchase decisions. The tool also helps customers find what they are looking for by using logical reasoning to infer product information from diverse sources of data.

How does Amazon use AI in other areas?

Amazon is a company that has reorganized and restructured itself to leverage artificial intelligence in every part of the organization. Amazon’s recommendation engines are now driving 35% of total sales. Amazon also uses AI to predict customer demand, optimize inventory and pricing, automate warehouse operations, deliver packages with drones, and enhance customer service with voice assistants.

Amazon also uses AI to improve its own products and services, such as Alexa, Kindle, Prime Video, AWS, and more. Amazon invests heavily in research and development of AI technologies, such as natural language processing, computer vision, speech recognition, machine learning, and deep learning. Amazon also supports the AI community by providing open-source frameworks, tools, datasets, and educational resources.


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