XMarket Vegan Food Hall Opens in Uptown with Diverse Plant-Based Options

XMarket Vegan Food Hall, the first of its kind in Chicago, opened its doors on October 2, 2023, in Uptown. The 6,500-square-foot space features six culinary stations, a bar, a coffee shop, and a bodega-style grocery store that sells vegan products. The food hall is designed to offer a variety of plant-based dishes and drinks for vegans and non-vegans alike.

The food hall is owned by Plant X, a plant-based food company that operates an online vegan grocery delivery service and a chain of vegan grocery stores. Plant X partnered with Macromia Group, a food hall and restaurant developer, to create XMarket Vegan Food Hall. The project was inspired by the growing demand for vegan food in Chicago, which has emerged as one of the largest vegan and health-conscious communities in North America.

XMarket Vegan Food Hall Opens in Uptown with Diverse Plant-Based Options
XMarket Vegan Food Hall Opens in Uptown with Diverse Plant-Based Options

“We wanted to do something more innovative since that’s where the whole vegan space is going,” said Alex Hoffman, the CMO of Plant X. “Everything is so fun and different. We had the space, so we wanted to create a more experiential environment rather than just a typical grocery store.”

What to Expect at XMarket Vegan Food Hall

XMarket Vegan Food Hall offers a range of cuisines and flavors, from sushi to Italian beef to hot dogs. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Sushi Station: This station serves vegan sushi rolls made with plant-based fish alternatives, such as Ahimi (made from tomatoes), Unami (made from eggplant), and Sakimi (made from carrots). The station also offers vegan poke bowls, salads, and soups.
  • Italian Beef Station: This station features vegan versions of Chicago’s iconic Italian beef sandwich, made with seitan or jackfruit and topped with giardiniera and vegan cheese. The station also serves vegan meatballs, lasagna, and pizza.
  • Hot Dog Station: This station offers vegan hot dogs with various toppings, such as relish, mustard, ketchup, onions, peppers, and vegan chili. The station also has vegan burgers, fries, and onion rings.
  • Bar: This station provides plant-based bar food, such as nachos, wings, sliders, and pretzels. The bar also serves vegan wine from VeganWines.com, beer from local breweries, and cocktails made with organic spirits and fresh juices.
  • Coffee Shop: This station brews Plant X’s Portfolio Coffee, which is roasted in-house and sourced from organic farms. The coffee shop also offers vegan pastries, muffins, cookies, and cakes.
  • Bodega: This station sells vegan products from local and national brands, such as cheeses, meats, milks, yogurts, ice creams, snacks, and beverages. The station also has a vegan cheesemonger that offers samples and recommendations.

A Vegan Restaurant Incubator

One of the unique features of XMarket Vegan Food Hall is that it reserves one of its vendor spots for a rotational three-month pop-up. The idea is to give new and innovative vegan dining concepts a chance to test their ideas and get feedback from customers.

“It’s like a vegan restaurant incubator,” Hoffman said. “It’s free range to try new concepts at different times of the year in our space.”

The first pop-up at XMarket Vegan Food Hall is Veggie Grill’s Next Level Burger concept, which serves plant-based burgers with Beyond Meat patties and various toppings. Veggie Grill is a popular vegan fast-casual chain that has several locations in Chicago.

XMarket Vegan Food Hall is open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. It can seat up to 375 people and has a large outdoor patio. The food hall also hosts events such as live music, trivia nights, cooking classes, and wine tastings.

XMarket Vegan Food Hall is located at 804 W. Montrose Ave., in the same building as Plant X’s delivery operations. The space was previously occupied by Peter Rubi Plant Based Market, which was sold to Plant X in 2022.

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