The SIL Celebrates the Female Founder of The Beverly Hills Hotel with a Fashion Capsule

The SIL, an online platform that showcases exclusive creations by independent designers, has launched a fashion capsule in collaboration with The Beverly Hills Hotel. The capsule is inspired by the hotel’s original owner and founder, Margaret J. Anderson, who was a trailblazing female entrepreneur in the early 20th century.

Margaret J. Anderson was born in Iowa in 1859 and moved to California in the 1870s. After a divorce in 1887, she became the sole provider for her two children and ventured into the hospitality business. She operated a family boarding house and later managed the Hollywood Hotel, which was a popular destination for celebrities and tourists.

The SIL Celebrates the Female Founder of The Beverly Hills Hotel with a Fashion Capsule
The SIL Celebrates the Female Founder of The Beverly Hills Hotel with a Fashion Capsule

In 1911, she was approached by a group of investors who wanted her to oversee the construction and operation of a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, which was then a rural area with no paved roads or electricity. Anderson agreed, but on one condition: she would own both the hotel and the land it occupied. She also secured a non-compete clause that prevented any other hotel from being built in Beverly Hills for 13 years.

She hired architect Elmer Grey to design the hotel, which was inspired by Spanish and Mediterranean styles. She also personally supervised every detail of the construction and decoration, ensuring that the hotel would offer the highest standards of comfort and service. The hotel opened in 1912 and was named The Beverly Hills Hotel. It soon became a landmark and a symbol of glamour and luxury.

Anderson ran the hotel until 1928, when she sold it to her son-in-law Stanley Anderson. She died in 1930 at the age of 71. She is remembered as a pioneer who helped shape the history and culture of Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

The SIL x The Beverly Hills Hotel: A Tribute to Anderson’s Legacy

The SIL, founded by Natalie Bloomingdale in 2017, is an e-commerce site that features exclusive pieces by independent fashion designers. Bloomingdale, who is married to James Bloomingdale, the grandson of Alfred and Betsy of the department store dynasty, said she was inspired by Anderson’s story and wanted to honor her with a capsule collection.

The capsule, which launched on Thursday, September 28, 2023, includes six female-run brands that created pieces that reflect Anderson’s style and personality. The brands are Autumn Adeigbo, Cheeky Vintage, La Vie Style House, Tyler Ellis, Keehn Deutch, and Smock London.

The capsule features dresses, jackets, bags, and accessories that incorporate elements of the hotel’s iconic pink and green color scheme, banana leaf wallpaper, palm leaf motif, and logo. Some of the standout pieces are:

  • The Margaret Dress by Autumn Adeigbo: A jacquard dress with a palm leaf pattern and a ruffled hem.
  • The Pink Palace Jacket by La Vie Style House: A pink sequin jacket with green piping and embroidered hotel logo.
  • The Bungalow Bag by Tyler Ellis: A leather bag with a detachable strap and a banana leaf charm.
  • The Palm Leaf Earrings by Cheeky Vintage: A pair of vintage earrings with green enamel and rhinestones.
  • The Sequin Halter Dress by Keehn Deutch: A halter dress with pink sequins and a green satin bow.
  • The Smock Dress by Smock London: A cotton dress with a pink floral print and smocked details.

The capsule is available on and at The Beverly Hills Hotel gift shop. Bloomingdale said she hopes that the capsule will celebrate Anderson’s achievements and inspire future generations of female entrepreneurs.

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