Reina: The Mysterious Newcomer in Tekken 8

Tekken 8, the latest installment of the popular fighting game series, is set to launch on January 26, 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The game will feature 32 characters, including four returning characters from previous games. However, the most intriguing character is Reina, a brand-new fighter who seems to have a connection to the Mishima family.

Reina is a young woman who possesses the same electrical power as Heihachi Mishima, the former antagonist of the series who died in Tekken 7. She also uses a similar fighting style, based on hard-hitting karate moves, headbutts, and stomps. Reina’s origin and identity are shrouded in mystery, but she appears to have some relation to the Mishima bloodline.

Reina: The Mysterious Newcomer in Tekken 8
Reina: The Mysterious Newcomer in Tekken 8

In the reveal trailer, Reina is shown confronting Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama, the son and grandson of Heihachi, respectively. Both of them are shocked and confused by her appearance and abilities, implying that they have never met her before. Reina also seems to have a confident and playful personality, as she taunts and challenges her opponents.

What is her role in the story?

Tekken 8 will continue the story of the conflict between the Mishima family, which has been the main plot of the series since the first game. The game will also explore the aftermath of Heihachi’s death, and the fate of the Devil Gene, a supernatural power that runs in the Mishima bloodline.

Reina’s involvement in the story is unknown, but she could be a potential ally or enemy to Kazuya and Jin. She could also be a key to unlocking the secrets of the Mishima family history, and the origin of the Devil Gene. Reina’s appearance could also have an impact on other characters, such as Jun Kazama, Jin’s mother, who is returning to the series after being absent since Tekken 2.

How does she play?

Reina is a newcomer to the Tekken series, but she has a familiar fighting style that fans of Heihachi will recognize. She is a fast and aggressive character, who can deal high damage with her punches, kicks, and throws. She can also use her electrical power to enhance her attacks, and stun her opponents.

Reina’s moveset is not a carbon copy of Heihachi’s, however. She has some unique moves and animations, such as a spinning kick, a flying headbutt, and a backflip. She also has a different rage art, which is a powerful move that can be used when her health is low. Reina’s rage art is a series of punches and kicks, followed by a massive electric blast.

Reina is a character that will appeal to both veteran and new players, as she has a simple but effective fighting style, and a dynamic and charismatic personality. She is also a character that will add more depth and intrigue to the Tekken story, as she is the final piece of the puzzle of the Mishima saga.

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