Motozite: Making Luxury Vehicles Accessible

Motozite, an IIM Lucknow-incubated startup, is making luxury vehicles accessible to everyone through its online platform. The company offers a one-stop solution for buying, selling, and trading luxury cars, as well as providing ownership solutions such as finance, insurance, and warranty. The startup aims to solve the current challenges of the broken customer journey and the efforts put in by a customer to find the right car.

Motozite recently raised an undisclosed amount in the pre-seed funding round from We Founder Circle, a network of angel investors and entrepreneurs. The funds raised by the brand will be used to enhance customer acquisition and tech development. The startup also received mentorship and support from EvolveX Accelerator, a program that helps early-stage startups scale up.

Motozite: Making Luxury Vehicles Accessible
Motozite: Making Luxury Vehicles Accessible

Motozite was founded in 2021 by Abhinav Verma and Rahul Tiwari, who have a combined experience of around 30 years in the automotive and management consulting industry. The co-founders said that they are proud and excited to be associated with We Founder Circle and EvolveX Accelerator, and that they are confident that their association will help them in scaling their operations and gaining strategic alliances.

Unique Value Proposition

Motozite claims to be an exclusive one-stop platform for luxury cars, catering to the needs of both buyers and sellers. The startup offers a curated inventory of certified pre-owned luxury cars, as well as new luxury cars from various brands. The customers can browse, compare, and book their desired car online, and get it delivered to their doorstep. The startup also provides a hassle-free and transparent process for selling or trading-in luxury cars, and offers the best price guarantee.

Motozite also provides ownership solutions such as finance, insurance, and warranty, all under one roof. The startup has partnered with leading banks, NBFCs, and insurance companies to offer customized and flexible financing and insurance options to the customers. The startup also offers a comprehensive warranty program that covers the major components of the car for up to two years.

Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

Motozite has received positive feedback from its customers, who have appreciated the convenience, quality, and service offered by the startup. The customers have also praised the startup for its professionalism, transparency, and customer-centric approach. Some of the testimonials from the customers are:

  • “I bought a BMW 5 Series from Motozite and I am very happy with the car and the service. The car was delivered to me in a pristine condition and the documentation was done smoothly. Motozite also helped me with the finance and insurance, and gave me a good deal. I would recommend Motozite to anyone looking for a luxury car.”
  • “I sold my Audi A6 to Motozite and I was impressed by their quick and easy process. They gave me a fair valuation of my car and paid me instantly. They also took care of the transfer and paperwork. Motozite is the best way to sell a luxury car.”
  • “I traded-in my Mercedes-Benz C-Class with a Jaguar XF from Motozite and I am very satisfied with the experience. Motozite gave me a great offer for my old car and a discount on the new car. They also arranged the delivery and pickup of the cars, and handled the finance and insurance. Motozite is the ultimate destination for luxury car lovers.”

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