Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8 Remake Pushed Back to 2024

The highly anticipated remake of the classic strategy game Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8 has been delayed by publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Kou Shibusawa. The game, which was originally slated for an early 2024 release, will now launch in general 2024 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8 Remake is a remake of the 2001 original game, which was based on the historical novel of the same name by Luo Guanzhong. The game depicts the turbulent era of ancient China, where three rival kingdoms vied for supremacy. The game features over 1,000 playable officers, each with their own personality, skills, and relationships. Players can choose any officer and period they want to play, creating their own unique story in the vast and immersive world of the Three Kingdoms.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8 Remake Pushed Back to 2024
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8 Remake Pushed Back to 2024

What are the new features and enhancements?

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8 Remake boasts a host of new features and enhancements to deliver the most complete and satisfying experience of the series to date. Some of the new additions include:

  • New officers and forces that were not in the original game, adding more diversity and authenticity to the game.
  • More than 55 scenarios, including fictional ones, covering the entire span of the Three Kingdoms period, from the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty to the final age of the Three Kingdoms.
  • New visuals and voices, combining 2D and 3D graphics, ink paintings, and animated movies, to create a rich and atmospheric representation of the game world.
  • Reworked combat system, retaining the turn-based mechanics of the original game, but improving the tempo and balance of the game, as well as adding new features such as “Link Forged”, which allows players to form special bonds with other officers.
  • New “Tales” feature, which allows players to check the conditions, outcomes, and branching of different events, and choose which ones they want to trigger or avoid.

Why was the game delayed?

According to the official announcement, the game was delayed to “further enhance the quality of the game and ensure that it meets the expectations of the fans”. The developers apologized for the inconvenience and asked for the fans’ patience and understanding. They also promised to share more information and updates on the game in the future.

The delay of Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8 Remake is a disappointment for the fans of the series, who have been waiting for a major remake for over 20 years. However, the delay also shows the developers’ commitment and passion for delivering the best possible game. Hopefully, the extra time will be worth the wait, and the game will live up to its legacy and potential.

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