OWC Drive Speed: A New App to Test and Optimize Video Transfers from iPhone to External Storage

OWC, a leading provider of storage and performance solutions for Macs and PCs, has launched a new app for iPhone users who want to monitor and optimize video transfers between their iPhone and external drives. The app, called OWC Drive Speed, is designed to help videographers of all levels to ensure seamless and efficient file exchanges, fewer dropped frames, and the storage capacity needed to capture every shot.

OWC Drive Speed is a simple and user-friendly app that verifies video data transfer rates and storage limits of external storage devices attached to an iPhone. Users can check different recording variables such as format, frame rate, and duration, and see live results as they happen. The app supports a wide range of external storage devices, including SSDs, USB drives, and even memory card readers.

OWC Drive Speed: A New App to Test and Optimize Video Transfers from iPhone to External Storage
OWC Drive Speed: A New App to Test and Optimize Video Transfers from iPhone to External Storage

To use the app, users simply need to open it, select their storage destination and test parameters that suit their workflow, and click start. The app will then display the data rate, the estimated storage space, and the number of frames dropped during the test. Users can also save or share their results for historical tracking or shoot planning with a production team.

The app also offers recommendations on how to optimize video transfers with pocket-sized storage like the OWC Envoy Elektron portable SSD, the OWC Envoy Pro mini thumb drive, and OWC cables.

Why OWC Drive Speed is Useful

With the increased video capabilities that the latest iPhone 15 Pro offers, along with USB-C connectivity, content creators, enthusiasts, and professionals will rely more on external storage to house large files. However, not all external storage devices are created equal, and some may not be able to handle the high-quality video formats and frame rates that the iPhone can produce.

OWC Drive Speed is a useful tool to ensure that users have the right storage setup for their video needs. By testing the data transfer rates and storage limits of their external devices, users can avoid the frustration of losing frames, running out of space, or having corrupted files. Users can also compare different devices and settings to find the optimal combination for their workflow.

OWC Drive Speed is a free app that can be downloaded from the App Store for iPhone. It requires iOS 17.0 or later and a compatible external storage device. For more information on how to optimize shooting video on your iPhone to external storage, you can visit OWC’s Rocket Yard blog.

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