Reworked Roadhog can now insta-kill most Overwatch 2 heroes with insane damage boost

Overwatch 2 has introduced a major rework for Roadhog, one of the most popular tank heroes in the game. Roadhog’s new ability kit gives him a significant damage boost, allowing him to insta-kill most heroes with his hook and scrap gun combo.

According to the official patch notes, Roadhog’s primary fire now deals 150 damage per shot, up from 120 in Overwatch 1. His secondary fire also deals 150 damage per shot, but with a reduced range of 15 meters, down from 20. His hook ability remains unchanged, except for a slightly faster cooldown of 6 seconds, down from 8.

The biggest change, however, is his new passive ability, called Scrap Collector. This ability allows Roadhog to collect scrap from fallen enemies and allies, which he can use to power up his ultimate ability, Whole Hog. Each scrap is worth 5% of his ultimate charge, and he can collect up to 20 scraps per life.

Reworked Roadhog can now insta-kill most Overwatch 2 heroes with insane damage boost
Reworked Roadhog can now insta-kill most Overwatch 2 heroes with insane damage boost

Whole Hog is also reworked in Overwatch 2, becoming a more powerful and versatile ultimate. It now lasts for 10 seconds, up from 6, and deals 300 damage per second, up from 200. It also knocks back enemies more forcefully, and allows Roadhog to move faster while using it. Additionally, Roadhog can cancel his ultimate at any time by pressing the ability button again, giving him more control and flexibility.

How Roadhog can insta-kill most heroes in Overwatch 2

With his new ability kit, Roadhog can easily insta-kill most heroes in Overwatch 2, especially those with 200 health or less. The basic combo is to hook an enemy, then shoot them with his primary fire, dealing a total of 210 damage. This is enough to kill most damage and support heroes, as well as some tanks like Zarya and Wrecking Ball.

However, Roadhog can also use his secondary fire to deal even more damage, if he can land it at the optimal range. His secondary fire shoots a ball of scrap that explodes after 15 meters, dealing 150 damage in a small area. If Roadhog can hook an enemy at this range, he can follow up with his secondary fire, dealing a whopping 300 damage. This is enough to kill any hero in the game, except for Bastion in sentry mode, Reinhardt with his barrier, and Orisa with her Fortify.

Of course, this combo requires precise timing and positioning, as well as good aim and prediction. Roadhog also has to be careful of enemy abilities that can interrupt his hook, such as stuns, hacks, bubbles, and shields. Moreover, Roadhog is still vulnerable to being focused down by the enemy team, as he has no defensive abilities or mobility.

How to counter Roadhog in Overwatch 2

Roadhog may seem unstoppable in Overwatch 2, but he is not without counters. There are several ways to deal with him, depending on the hero and the situation.

One way is to avoid his hook range, which is 20 meters. Roadhog is not very effective at long distances, as his scrap gun has a large spread and falloff. Heroes that can outrange him, such as Widowmaker, Ashe, Hanzo, and Pharah, can chip away at his health and force him to retreat or use his Take a Breather ability.

Another way is to use abilities that can negate his hook, such as stuns, hacks, bubbles, and shields. Heroes that can disrupt his combo, such as McCree, Sombra, Zarya, and Brigitte, can save themselves or their allies from being insta-killed by Roadhog. They can also punish him for being out of position, as he has no escape options.

A third way is to use abilities that can bypass his large health pool, such as armor reduction, damage amplification, and headshots. Heroes that can deal massive damage to Roadhog, such as Reaper, Ana, Zenyatta, and Bastion, can melt him down quickly and prevent him from healing or using his ultimate. They can also target his large head hitbox, which makes him an easy target for critical hits.

How Roadhog fits into the Overwatch 2 meta

Roadhog is one of the most versatile and impactful tank heroes in Overwatch 2, as he can deal high damage, self-heal, and disrupt the enemy team with his hook and ultimate. He can also solo carry games, as he does not rely on his teammates for protection or healing.

However, Roadhog is not a traditional tank, as he does not provide any shielding or peeling for his team. He is more of a hybrid between a tank and a damage dealer, as he can create space by threatening the enemy team with his presence and damage. He can also flank and pick off key targets, such as healers and snipers.

Therefore, Roadhog works best with another tank that can complement his playstyle, such as D.Va, Sigma, or Wrecking Ball. These tanks can provide some shielding and mobility for Roadhog, as well as follow up on his hooks and ultimates. They can also create more chaos and distraction for the enemy team, allowing Roadhog to find more opportunities to land his combos.

Roadhog also works well with healers that can boost his damage or healing, such as Ana, Zenyatta, or Mercy. These healers can help Roadhog survive longer and deal more damage, as well as charge their ultimates faster. They can also benefit from Roadhog’s hook, as it can set up easy kills for them.

Roadhog’s future in Overwatch 2

Roadhog is one of the most popular and fun heroes to play in Overwatch 2, as he can make a huge impact on the game with his new ability kit. He is also one of the most balanced and fair heroes, as he has clear strengths and weaknesses, and can be countered by various heroes and strategies.

However, Roadhog is not immune to changes, as Overwatch 2 is still in development and subject to feedback and testing. Blizzard may tweak his numbers or abilities, depending on how he performs and affects the game. For example, they may reduce his damage, increase his cooldowns, or change his passive or ultimate.

Therefore, Roadhog players should enjoy his current state, but also be prepared for possible changes in the future. They should also keep an eye on the patch notes and the Overwatch 2 news, as Blizzard may reveal more information or updates about Roadhog and other heroes.

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