MW3 player reveals clever trick to complete Launcher camo challenge

One of the most tedious tasks in MW3 is to unlock all the camos for the weapons, especially the Launchers. However, one player has found a smart way to make the process easier and faster.

The Launcher camo challenge requires the player to destroy 50 enemy equipment, killstreaks, or vehicles with the Launcher. This may sound simple, but it is actually quite difficult and time-consuming. The player has to find and target the enemy equipment, which may be hidden or protected by other players. The player also has to compete with other teammates who may be trying to do the same thing. Moreover, the player has to deal with the slow reload speed and limited ammo of the Launcher, which makes it hard to use in combat situations.

MW3 player reveals clever trick to complete Launcher camo challenge
MW3 player reveals clever trick to complete Launcher camo challenge

How did the player discover the shortcut?

The player, who goes by the Reddit username u/Chaosxk, posted a video on the ModernWarfareIII subreddit, showing how he completed the Launcher camo challenge in a matter of minutes. The video shows him playing on the map Terminal, which is a remake of the classic MW2 map. He equipped the RPG-7 Launcher and the Recon perk, which allows him to see enemy equipment through walls. He then proceeded to shoot at the walls of the airport terminal, where he knew the enemy team would place their equipment, such as claymores, trophy systems, or sentry guns. He managed to destroy several enemy equipment with each shot, without even seeing them. He also got some kills along the way, as some enemies were near their equipment. He completed the challenge in less than two matches, earning him the Gold camo for the RPG-7.

Why is this trick so effective?

This trick is very effective because it exploits the map design and the game mechanics. Terminal is a map that has many thin walls and windows, which can be penetrated by the Launcher rockets. The enemy team usually places their equipment near the walls or windows, to protect themselves from the attackers. However, this also makes them vulnerable to the Launcher shots, which can destroy their equipment through the walls. The Recon perk also helps the player to locate the enemy equipment, without having to expose himself to the enemy fire. The player can simply shoot at the walls where he sees the red dots, and hope for the best. This trick also works on other maps that have thin walls or windows, such as Highrise or Skidrow.

What are the benefits of completing the Launcher camo challenge?

Completing the Launcher camo challenge has several benefits for the player. First, it unlocks the Gold camo for the Launcher, which is a prestigious and rare camo that shows off the player’s skill and dedication. Second, it contributes to the overall weapon mastery camo challenge, which requires the player to unlock all the camos for all the weapons in the game. Completing this challenge rewards the player with the Interstellar camo, which is the ultimate camo in MW3. Third, it gives the player a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, as he overcomes one of the most frustrating and annoying challenges in the game.

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