What to expect from League of Legends in 2024: Patch schedule and gameplay changes

League of Legends, one of the most popular and competitive online games in the world, is gearing up for its 14th season in 2024. The game’s developer, Riot Games, has revealed the patch schedule and some of the major gameplay changes that will affect the game next year. Here are some of the highlights that you need to know.

As usual, League of Legends will be updated every two weeks, with patches coming out on Wednesdays or Thursdays. The patches will introduce new features, balance changes, bug fixes, and cosmetic items to the game. Some of the patches will also coincide with the start and end of the ranked season splits, which will reward players with exclusive rewards based on their performance.

What to expect from League of Legends in 2024: Patch schedule and gameplay changes
What to expect from League of Legends in 2024: Patch schedule and gameplay changes

The first patch of 2024, Patch 14.1, will be released on Wednesday, January 10. This patch will mark the beginning of the 2024 season and will bring some significant changes to the game, such as the new champion, the new ranked system, and the new item shop. The last patch of 2024, Patch 14.25, will be released on Wednesday, December 12. This patch will mark the end of the 2024 season and will prepare the game for the 2025 season.

Here is the complete patch schedule for 2024:

  • Patch 14.1: Wednesday, January 10
  • Patch 14.2: Wednesday, January 24
  • Patch 14.3: Wednesday, February 7
  • Patch 14.4: Thursday, February 22
  • Patch 14.5: Wednesday, March 6
  • Patch 14.6: Wednesday, March 20
  • Patch 14.7: Wednesday, April 3
  • Patch 14.8: Wednesday, April 17
  • Patch 14.9: Wednesday, May 1
  • Patch 14.10: Wednesday, May 15
  • Patch 14.11: Thursday, May 30
  • Patch 14.12: Wednesday, June 12
  • Patch 14.13: Wednesday, June 26
  • Patch 14.14: Wednesday, July 17
  • Patch 14.15: Wednesday, July 31
  • Patch 14.16: Wednesday, August 14
  • Patch 14.17: Wednesday, August 28
  • Patch 14.18: Wednesday, September 11
  • Patch 14.19: Wednesday, September 25
  • Patch 14.20: Wednesday, October 9
  • Patch 14.21: Wednesday, October 23
  • Patch 14.22: Wednesday, November 6
  • Patch 14.23: Wednesday, November 20
  • Patch 14.24: Wednesday, December 4
  • Patch 14.25: Wednesday, December 12

Void invasion and new gameplay mechanics

One of the most exciting and surprising changes coming to League of Legends in 2024 is the Void invasion. The Void is a mysterious and hostile dimension that spawns monstrous creatures that threaten the world of Runeterra. In 2024, the Void will expand its presence throughout the map, affecting some of the neutral objectives and camps.

The first sign of the Void invasion will be the appearance of the Voidgrubs, which will replace the first Rift Herald of each game. The Voidgrubs are small but deadly creatures that will swarm and attack anyone who dares to disturb them. Killing the Voidgrubs will grant the entire team a buff that will increase their damage to structures and summon Voidmites to assist them.

The second sign of the Void invasion will be the transformation of the Blue Sentinel, the Red Brambleback, and the Rift Scuttler into Voidborn versions of themselves. These Voidborn camps will have new abilities and effects that will make them more challenging and rewarding to fight. For example, the Voidborn Sentinel will create a portal that will spawn Voidlings, the Voidborn Brambleback will spit acid that will reduce armor and magic resist, and the Voidborn Scuttler will dash away and leave behind a trail of Void energy.

The third and final sign of the Void invasion will be the emergence of the Void Herald, which will replace the second Rift Herald of each game. The Void Herald will have a new look and a new mechanic that will allow the player who summons it to ride it and control its movements. The Void Herald will deal more damage to turrets and enemies when controlled, but will also expose the rider to more danger.

The Void invasion will add a new layer of strategy and complexity to the game, as players will have to adapt to the new threats and opportunities that the Void will bring. The Void invasion will also have an impact on the lore and the aesthetics of the game, as the map will gradually change its appearance to reflect the Void’s influence.

Other changes and improvements

Besides the Void invasion, there are other changes and improvements coming to League of Legends in 2024. Some of them are:

  • A new champion, Zara, the Void Princess, who will join the roster in Patch 14.1. Zara is a mage who can manipulate the Void energy and summon Void creatures to aid her in battle.
  • A new ranked system, which will replace the current division and tier system with a more streamlined and transparent system that will show the exact progress and rank of each player.
  • A new item shop, which will have a revamped interface and a smarter recommendation system that will suggest the best items for each champion and situation.
  • A new client, which will have a faster and smoother performance and a more user-friendly design that will make it easier to access the game’s features and modes.
  • A new season pass, which will offer more rewards and missions for players who want to enhance their gaming experience and support the game’s development.

League of Legends is a game that is constantly evolving and improving, and 2024 will be no exception. The game will offer new and exciting challenges and experiences for both new and veteran players, as well as new and improved ways to enjoy and support the game. 2024 will be a year to remember for League of Legends fans, as the game will enter a new era of gameplay and storytelling.

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