Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Zack’s New Episode and What It Means for the Story

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the second installment of the Remake trilogy, is set to release on February 29, 2024 for PlayStation 5. The game will continue the story of Cloud and his friends as they pursue Sephiroth, the mysterious and powerful villain who threatens the world. However, the game will also introduce a new episode for Zack Fair, a character who played a crucial role in the original Final Fantasy VII and its prequel, Crisis Core.

Zack Fair is a former Soldier, an elite group of warriors enhanced by mako, the planet’s life energy. He was Cloud’s mentor and friend, and the original owner of the Buster Sword, the iconic weapon that Cloud wields. Zack also had a romantic relationship with Aerith, the flower girl who joins Cloud’s party in Midgar.

Zack’s fate was one of the most tragic and emotional moments in the original Final Fantasy VII. He was killed by Shinra soldiers after escaping from a secret facility where he and Cloud were experimented on by Hojo, a mad scientist who wanted to create a clone of Sephiroth. Zack’s death motivated Cloud to take up his sword and identity, and to pursue Sephiroth as a way of avenging him.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Zack’s New Episode and What It Means for the Story
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Zack’s New Episode and What It Means for the Story

However, in Final Fantasy VII Remake, the ending showed that Zack’s fate was changed by a mysterious phenomenon involving the Whispers, ghost-like entities that tried to preserve the original timeline. Zack was shown to survive the attack by Shinra soldiers and carry Cloud into Midgar, while the Whispers disappeared. This implied that Zack was alive in a different timeline, and that the events of Final Fantasy VII were altered by the actions of Cloud and his friends.

What Will Zack’s New Episode Be About?

Square Enix has confirmed that Zack Fair will have a dedicated new episode in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The game’s director, Naoki Hamaguchi, said that the new episode will explore Zack’s perspective and actions after surviving the Shinra attack. He also said that the new episode will have an impact on the main story and the characters’ relationships.

The State of Play trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth showed some glimpses of Zack’s new episode. We see him help an injured Cloud into Midgar, and encounter a mysterious black feather that hints at Sephiroth’s presence. We also see him fight against a new enemy, a giant robot with a scorpion-like tail. The trailer also revealed that Zack will be a playable character in his new episode, and that he will have his own combat system and abilities.

How Will Zack’s New Episode Affect the Story and the Characters?

Zack’s new episode is one of the ways that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will deviate from the original story and offer new experiences for the players. The game’s creative director, Tetsuya Nomura, said that the game will follow the original story up to the Forgotten Capital, where Aerith’s fate will be decided. However, he also said that the game will have new elements and surprises that will shock even the players who have played the original game multiple times.

One of the biggest questions that Zack’s new episode raises is how it will affect the story and the characters of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Will Zack meet Cloud and his friends in Midgar, and how will they react to him? Will Zack interfere with Sephiroth’s plans, and how will Sephiroth respond to him? Will Zack reunite with Aerith, and how will that affect her relationship with Cloud? Will Zack’s new episode create a paradox or a convergence between the different timelines, and what will that mean for the future of the Remake trilogy?

These are some of the questions that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will hopefully answer, or at least tease, in Zack’s new episode. The game promises to deliver an expansive world and varied gameplay experiences, as well as a deeper exploration of the characters and their bonds. Zack’s new episode is one of the most anticipated and intriguing features of the game, and it will surely add more depth and drama to the story of Final Fantasy VII.

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