How to deal with Mauga, the most dominant Tank in Overwatch 2

Mauga, the newest hero in Overwatch 2, has been causing a lot of frustration and controversy among the players. The battlepass-exclusive Tank has been dominating the competitive scene with his high damage, healing, and survivability. Many players are calling him “pay to win” and demanding nerfs or counters to his abilities. In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why Mauga is so strong, and some of the possible ways to counter him.

Mauga is a Tank hero who uses a pair of heavy machine guns as his primary weapon. He can also fire a grenade launcher that deals splash damage and knocks back enemies. His passive ability, Berserker, heals him for a percentage of the damage he deals with critical hits. This makes him very hard to kill, especially when he is firing at close range.

Mauga’s first ability is Kinetic Grasp, which allows him to absorb incoming projectiles and convert them into temporary shields. This gives him extra protection and allows him to survive burst damage. His second ability is Charge, which lets him dash forward and knock down enemies in his path. This can be used to initiate fights, escape danger, or chase down low-health targets.

How to deal with Mauga, the most dominant Tank in Overwatch 2
How to deal with Mauga, the most dominant Tank in Overwatch 2

Mauga’s ultimate ability is Cage Fight, which creates a circular barrier around him and traps enemies inside. The barrier blocks all incoming and outgoing damage, except for Mauga’s own attacks. This means that Mauga can unleash his full firepower on the trapped enemies, while being immune to any external interference. The barrier also prevents enemies from escaping, unless they have mobility abilities or are pushed out by Mauga’s grenade launcher.

Mauga’s abilities make him a very versatile and formidable Tank, who can deal and sustain a lot of damage. He can also isolate and eliminate key targets with his ultimate, or disrupt the enemy formation with his charge and grenade launcher. He has few weaknesses, and can adapt to different situations and playstyles.

How to counter Mauga with other heroes

Despite his overwhelming strength, Mauga is not invincible. There are some heroes who can counter him, or at least mitigate his impact. According to Blizzard, two of the best counters for Mauga on the Tank side are D.Va and Sigma. One of Mauga’s key abilities is his Berserker passive, which heals him whenever he lands critical hits. D.Va and Sigma can use their Defense Matrix and Kinetic Grasp, respectively, to block Mauga’s bullets and deny him his healing. They can also use their mobility and range to avoid getting too close to Mauga, where he is most effective.

On the Damage side, Blizzard has identified Pharah and Widowmaker as potential counters to Mauga. These heroes can shoot through the top of Mauga’s Cage Fight barrier, and deal damage to him and his trapped enemies. They can also stay out of Mauga’s effective range, and use their vertical mobility to avoid his charge and grenade launcher. Pharah and Widowmaker can also target Mauga’s supports, who are essential for keeping him alive.

On the Support side, Ana and Zenyatta can be useful against Mauga. Ana can use her Biotic Grenade to negate Mauga’s healing, and her Sleep Dart to disable him temporarily. Zenyatta can use his Discord Orb to amplify the damage Mauga takes, and his Transcendence to heal his allies inside Mauga’s barrier. Both Ana and Zenyatta can also deal significant damage to Mauga from a safe distance, and help their teammates focus him down.

How to counter Mauga with teamwork and strategy

Besides picking the right heroes, players can also counter Mauga with teamwork and strategy. One of the most important things is to communicate and coordinate with your team, and focus fire on Mauga when he is vulnerable. For example, when Mauga uses his Kinetic Grasp, he cannot shoot or use his other abilities. This is a good opportunity to deal damage to him, or force him to retreat. Similarly, when Mauga uses his Cage Fight, he is isolated from his team and cannot receive any support. This is a good time to attack him from outside the barrier, or use abilities that can bypass it.

Another thing to consider is to avoid feeding Mauga’s ultimate charge. Mauga’s ultimate is one of the most powerful and game-changing abilities in Overwatch 2, and he can charge it very quickly by dealing damage. Therefore, players should try to avoid taking unnecessary damage from Mauga, and use cover, shields, or mobility to dodge his attacks. Players should also keep track of Mauga’s ultimate status, and be prepared to counter it with their own ultimates or abilities.

Finally, players should try to exploit Mauga’s weaknesses and limitations. Mauga is a large and slow target, which makes him easy to hit and susceptible to crowd control effects. He also has a limited range and accuracy, which means he struggles against long-range and high-mobility heroes. He also relies heavily on his healing and shields, which can be countered by anti-healing and shield-breaking effects. By using these advantages, players can reduce Mauga’s effectiveness and increase their chances of winning.

Mauga is a new and powerful hero in Overwatch 2, who has been dominating the competitive scene and causing frustration among the players. He has a versatile and formidable kit, which allows him to deal and sustain a lot of damage, and isolate and eliminate key targets. However, he is not unbeatable, and there are ways to counter him. By picking the right heroes, working as a team, and using smart strategies, players can overcome Mauga and enjoy the game.

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