Google’s new Fitbit tracker could be Luxe 2 or Ace 4, FCC filing reveals


Google has recently filed a new product with the FCC, which appears to be a low-end Fitbit tracker. The device, which has the model number G3MP5, is the first Fitbit to be listed under Google since the acquisition of the fitness company. The FCC filing does not reveal much about the device, but some clues suggest that it could be either the Luxe 2 or the Ace 4.

What we know about the new Fitbit tracker

According to the FCC filing, the new Fitbit tracker only has Bluetooth connectivity, which rules out the higher-end models like the Charge, Versa, and Sense. The device also has an e-label that can be accessed by going to Settings > Device Info > Regulatory Info in the app. This is consistent with how Fitbit’s previous trackers display their information.

Google’s new Fitbit tracker could be Luxe 2 or Ace 4, FCC filing reveals
Google’s new Fitbit tracker could be Luxe 2 or Ace 4, FCC filing reveals

The FCC filing does not include any images or dimensions of the device, so we cannot tell what it looks like or how big it is. However, based on the model number, we can speculate that it is related to the G3M series of Fitbit devices, which includes the Luxe and the Ace 3. The G3M1 is the Luxe, while the G3M2 and G3M3 are different variants of the Ace 3.

Why it could be the Luxe 2

The Luxe is Fitbit’s premium fitness tracker that was launched in 2021. It features an OLED display, a stainless steel case, and a variety of bands and accessories. The Luxe is designed to be a stylish and elegant tracker that can also track your health and wellness.

However, the Luxe also has some drawbacks that could be improved in a second generation. For one thing, it lacks NFC capabilities, which means it cannot support contactless payments or smart unlock features. Many consumers complained that this was a missing feature for a device that costs $150 for the basic model and $200 for the special edition.

Another issue with the Luxe is that it has fewer features than the similarly priced Charge 5. The Charge 5 has an ECG sensor, an EDA sensor, a skin temperature sensor, and a color display. The Luxe only has a heart rate sensor, an SpO2 sensor, and a monochrome display. The Charge 5 also has built-in GPS, while the Luxe relies on your phone’s GPS.

Therefore, it is possible that Google is working on a Luxe 2 that would add NFC and other features to make it more competitive and appealing to consumers who want a fashionable tracker.

Why it could be the Ace 4

Another possibility is that the new Fitbit tracker is the Ace 4, which is Fitbit’s tracker for children. The Ace 3 was launched in 2021 and features a colorful design, a water-resistant case, and a battery life of up to eight days. The Ace 3 can track steps, active minutes, sleep quality, and reminders to move. It also has parental controls and kid-friendly features like animated clock faces and avatars.

The Ace 3 does not need many advanced features like NFC or GPS, as it is meant for children who do not have smartphones or credit cards. Therefore, it makes sense that it would only have Bluetooth connectivity. The Ace 3 also has an e-label that can be accessed in the same way as the new device.

The Ace 4 could be an updated version of the Ace 3 that would offer some improvements or new features for kids. For example, it could have a larger display, more clock faces and avatars, or more games and challenges.

What else could it be?

Of course, there is also a chance that the new Fitbit tracker is neither the Luxe 2 nor the Ace 4. It could be a completely new device that Google is developing for its wearable ecosystem. Google has been integrating Fitbit’s platform into its own services and products since acquiring the company. For example, Google has announced that it will refresh the Fitbit app with its Material Design language this fall. It has also started migrating Fitbit accounts to Google accounts, which will become mandatory by 2025.

Google could be working on a new Fitbit tracker that would complement its rumored Pixel Watch 2, which is expected to launch this fall as well. The Pixel Watch 2 is said to be a high-end smartwatch that would run on Wear OS 3 and feature various sensors and capabilities. The new Fitbit tracker could be a lower-end device that would appeal to different segments of consumers who prefer simpler or cheaper trackers.

We will have to wait until Google officially announces or reveals more details about its new Fitbit tracker to know for sure what it is and what it can do. Until then, we can only speculate based on the limited information available from the FCC filing.


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