Conduit’s origin story sparks controversy among Apex Legends fans

Some fans of the popular battle royale game Apex Legends are unhappy with the lore reveal of the new legend Conduit, who will join the roster in Season 19. They claim that her origin story is too unrealistic and does not fit the tone of the game.

Conduit gained powers from radiation exposure

According to the latest episode of Stories from the Outlands, titled “For Us, Utang na Loob”, Conduit was a young girl who witnessed a heroic sacrifice by a Monarch-class Titan during the Frontier War. The Titan saved her settlement from enemy forces by detonating its reactor core, creating a massive explosion that killed all the hostile Titans.

Conduit’s origin story sparks controversy among Apex Legends fans
Conduit’s origin story sparks controversy among Apex Legends fans

Conduit was inspired by this act of bravery and developed an interest in the Apex Games. Years later, she returned to the site of the explosion and exposed herself to the irradiated remains of the Titan’s battery. Instead of getting sick, she gained electrical powers that she used to enter the Apex Games and provide for her family.

Fans criticize Conduit’s backstory as unrealistic and cliché

Some fans of Apex Legends were not impressed by Conduit’s backstory and took to social media to express their dissatisfaction. They argued that Conduit’s powers were too similar to those of superheroes from Marvel or DC comics, and that Apex Legends was supposed to be a more realistic game set in the Titanfall universe.

They also pointed out that Conduit’s origin story was cliché and unoriginal, as many fictional characters have gained powers from radiation exposure, such as Spider-Man, Hulk, or Daredevil. Some fans even joked that Conduit should have been named Storm, after the X-Men character who can control the weather.

Other fans defend Conduit’s backstory as consistent and creative

However, not all fans of Apex Legends were negative about Conduit’s backstory. Some defended her origin story as consistent with the lore of the game and the Titanfall universe. They noted that other legends have also gained abilities from unusual sources, such as Wraith’s interdimensional technology, Catalyst’s hard-light walls, or Newcastle’s gravity manipulation.

They also praised Conduit’s backstory as creative and diverse, as it introduced a new Filipino character to the game and explored a different aspect of the Frontier War. They argued that Conduit’s powers were not unrealistic or out of place in a game where legends can respawn, heal themselves instantly, or summon supply drops.

Conduit’s abilities and gameplay are yet to be revealed

While Conduit’s backstory has generated a lot of discussion among fans, her actual abilities and gameplay are still unknown. Respawn Entertainment has not officially confirmed or denied any of the leaks or rumors about her kit. Fans will have to wait until Season 19 – Ignite launches on October 31 to see how Conduit will perform in the Apex Games.

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