Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Child Games And Adult Situations

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of September 11-15 reveal that the drama is heating up in Los Angeles. From Eric’s shocking decision to Hope and Thomas’ steamy affair, there is no shortage of twists and turns in the lives of the Forrester, Logan, and Spencer families. Here are some of the highlights of what’s coming up on B&B.

Eric’s Ultimatum

Eric Forrester has had enough of his son Ridge’s betrayal and disrespect. After finding out that Ridge tried to sabotage his marriage to Quinn, Eric decides to take drastic action. He announces that he is cutting Ridge out of his will and his company, and appointing Carter as the new CEO of Forrester Creations. He also tells Brooke that she has to choose between him and Ridge, or else he will expose their affair to the world.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Child Games And Adult Situations
Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Child Games And Adult Situations

Eric’s revelation blindsides Brooke, who still loves Ridge despite his flaws. She tries to reason with Eric, but he is adamant that he will not change his mind. Brooke is torn between her loyalty to Eric and her feelings for Ridge. She also worries about how this will affect her son R.J., who is close to both Eric and Ridge.

Ridge is furious with his father’s decision and vows to fight back. He accuses Eric of being manipulated by Quinn, who he believes is still scheming behind his back. He also blames Carter for betraying him and taking his position. Ridge is determined to prove that he is still the rightful heir of Forrester Creations and win back Brooke’s heart.

Hope and Thomas’ Passion

Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester have been drawn to each other ever since they reconnected at Steffy’s wedding. They share a bond over their mutual loss of Liam, who is presumed dead after a plane crash. They also have a lot in common, as they are both single parents who want the best for their children.

Hope and Thomas decide to take their relationship to the next level and give in to their desire. They sneak away to a secluded cabin, where they make love for the first time. They are unaware that Sheila Carter, who is obsessed with Finn, has followed them and is spying on them.

Sheila plans to use Hope and Thomas’ affair as leverage to get Finn away from Steffy. She hopes that by exposing their secret, she will cause a rift between Steffy and Hope, who are co-parenting Kelly and Hayes. She also wants to hurt Eric, who has rejected her as his son’s mother.

Sheila takes photos of Hope and Thomas in bed and sends them to Steffy, who is shocked and hurt by what she sees. She confronts Hope and Thomas, who try to explain their situation. Steffy feels betrayed by her sister-in-law and cousin, who she thought were her friends. She also worries about how this will affect Kelly, who loves Hope as her aunt.

Donna’s Surprise

Donna Logan has been feeling lonely ever since her divorce from Justin Barber. She misses being part of a family and having someone to love. She decides to visit Eric, who she still cares for deeply. She hopes that he will give her another chance, as they were once married and happy.

Donna arrives at the Forrester mansion, where she finds Eric in a bad mood. He tells her about his feud with Ridge and his ultimatum to Brooke. He also reveals that he has arthritis, which is affecting his health and mobility. Donna feels sorry for Eric and offers him her support.

Donna also brings an unexpected person into the fold: her niece Bridget Forrester, who is Eric’s daughter with Brooke. Bridget has returned from New York, where she was working as a doctor. She wants to reconnect with her family and help them through their troubles.

Bridget is surprised by Eric’s decision to cut off Ridge and appoint Carter as CEO. She wonders if Eric is acting out of spite or pain. She also meets Quinn for the first time and is skeptical of her motives. She warns Eric not to trust Quinn too much, as she has a history of lying and cheating.

Donna hopes that Bridget’s presence will soften Eric’s heart and make him reconsider his actions. She also hopes that Bridget will help her get closer to Eric again, as they share a daughter together.

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