JCPenney joins Amazon Prime’s Thursday Night Football as a new sponsor

JCPenney, the Plano-based retailer, has announced its new partnership with Amazon Prime’s Thursday Night Football as the sponsor of the postgame show. The deal marks a new push into sports marketing for the company, which had previously been associated with entertainment offerings.

JCPenney’s “Make it Count” campaign

The sponsorship of the postgame show is part of JCPenney’s new ad campaign called “Make it Count”, which features lifestyle vignettes that capture everyday family moments with the retailer’s products. The campaign also brings back a classic logo from the late 1960s, which is meant to evoke nostalgia and trust among customers.

The ads are set to the tune of “Count Me In” by Dove Cameron, and showcase everything from jeans to towels to home decor. The campaign aims to position JCPenney as a destination for quality, value and style for all occasions.

JCPenney joins Amazon Prime’s Thursday Night Football as a new sponsor

Amazon Prime’s Thursday Night Football lineup

Amazon Prime’s Thursday Night Football is entering its second season as an exclusive streaming provider for NFL games outside of local broadcast networks. The deal, which runs for 11 years, is worth $1 billion per year.

Amazon Prime has also added a “Black Friday” game on Nov. 24, featuring the Miami Dolphins at the New York Jets. The game is expected to offer online deals to keep shoppers at home instead of going to the mall on the traditional kickoff to the holiday shopping season.

In addition to JCPenney, Amazon Prime’s Thursday Night Football has other sponsors, such as Verizon and Subway for the pregame shows, State Farm for the halftime show, and Allstate for the nightcap show. The sponsors will also benefit from Amazon’s ad-tech capabilities, such as audience-based creative, custom and same-day creative, and remarketing.

JCPenney’s revival plan

JCPenney, which is owned by major mall operators Simon and Brookfield, has been undergoing a transformation since emerging from bankruptcy last year. The company has said it will spend more than $1 billion by the end of 2025 to revive its stores and brand.

The plan includes remodeling stores, upgrading online shopping tools and supply network, expanding private-label brands, launching new categories such as toys and pet products, and enhancing customer service and loyalty programs.

The company has also hired new executives, such as CEO Jill Soltau, Chief Merchandising Officer Michelle Wlazlo, and Chief Customer Officer Bill Wafford. The company hopes to regain its relevance and profitability in the competitive retail landscape.

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