How Apple is making iPhone setup faster and easier with a new device


Apple is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and satisfaction. One of the minor annoyances that some iPhone buyers face is having to update their software as soon as they take their new device out of the box. This can delay the excitement of using their new phone and also consume data and battery.

To solve this problem, Apple has reportedly developed a new device that can update iPhones wirelessly without opening the packaging. This device will be deployed in Apple stores before the end of this year, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

How Apple is making iPhone setup faster and easier with a new device
How Apple is making iPhone setup faster and easier with a new device

A pad-like device that updates iPhones in the box

The new device that Apple has created is described as a pad-like device that can place boxes of iPhones on top of it. The device can then turn on the iPhone, update its software, and then power it back down, all without breaking the seal of the box.

This means that customers who buy iPhones from Apple stores will receive their devices with the latest software updates already installed, saving them time and hassle. The device will also ensure that iPhones are updated with any security patches or bug fixes that are released after the devices are shipped from the factory.

A response to frequent software updates

Apple’s new device is likely a response to the increasing frequency of software updates that the company releases for its devices. In recent years, Apple has adopted a Rapid Security Response system that delivers important security updates as soon as possible, rather than waiting for larger updates.

For example, when the iPhone 15 launched this year, Apple had to release a day-one update to fix major problems during the iPhone-to-iPhone transfer process during setup. This update was presented during the setup process of the iPhone 15, but having to update your new phone before you can use it is not an ideal experience.

Since then, Apple has released two more updates for iOS 17, addressing issues such as overheating and battery drain on the iPhone 15 Pro models. These updates were released within two weeks of the launch of the new iPhones, which means that many customers who bought their devices later had to update them right away.

A benefit for customers and Apple

Apple’s new device will benefit both customers and Apple in several ways. For customers, it will make the setup process faster and easier, as they will not have to wait for software updates to download and install. It will also ensure that their devices are secure and optimized from the start, reducing the risk of potential problems or vulnerabilities.

For Apple, it will improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, as customers will have a smoother and more enjoyable experience with their new iPhones. It will also reduce the workload and pressure on Apple store staff, who will not have to manually update iPhones or deal with customer complaints or returns due to software issues.

Apple has not officially announced or confirmed the existence of this device, but it is expected to start sending it to its stores before the end of this year. It is unclear whether this device will be exclusive to Apple stores or whether it will also be available to other retailers or carriers who sell iPhones.


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