Algotherm: A Marine Cosmetics Pioneer Revitalized by Snow Group

Algotherm, a French brand that specializes in marine cosmetics and algotherapy, has undergone a major transformation under the ownership of Snow Group, a leader in the spa industry. The brand, which was founded in 1962, has returned to its roots and reasserted its position as a pioneer in marine cosmetics, fueled by 60 years of recognized innovation. New formulas, new packaging and a clear move upmarket are all part of this revitalizing program.

A History of Innovation and Expertise

Algotherm was one of the first brands to exploit natural active ingredients extracted from seawater and seaweed in cosmetics and aesthetic dermatology. In 1970, the brand established a Research & Development Laboratory that was a pioneer in algotherapy and the cosmetic valorization of ocean resources. Over 60 years, dozens of species of seaweed have been studied and then selected for use in the composition of high-performance complexes.

Algotherm: A Marine Cosmetics Pioneer Revitalized by Snow Group
Algotherm: A Marine Cosmetics Pioneer Revitalized by Snow Group

After a period with the Gilbert Group and an unsuccessful attempt to break into the pharmaceutical sector, the brand was acquired by Snow Group in 2021. Snow Group is the European leader in the creation and management of spas, with 60 outlets in France and abroad. The group also owns Cinq Mondes and Deep Nature, two other brands with complementary identities.

A New Positioning as a Marine Cosmeceutical Brand

Within the group’s cosmetics division, Algotherm intends to become the benchmark in Marine Cosmeceuticals, a crossroads where the brand’s marine expertise, the innovations of pharmaceutical science and the achievements of cutting-edge medico-aesthetic cosmetology come together. The brand boasts its ability to combine bio-assimilable natural marine extracts with market-leading dermatological active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, AHAs, niacinamide and more.

In 2022, two ranges were reformulated: Ocean Life and Ocean Time. Ocean Life is highly concentrated in the Algogene complex, which was supplemented with various active ingredients such as Bisabolol, Adenosine and Infra-Skin. Ocean Time features a retinol-like active ingredient that helps reduce the signs of aging. This reformulation drive will continue in 2023, covering the entire range of around 60 products.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Quality

Algotherm is also committed to sustainability and quality in its product composition and packaging manufacture. The brand has been paraben-free since 2004 and is now silicone-free, with a minimum of 90% ingredients of natural origin in each formula. The brand sources its ingredients from short distribution channels and uses recycled plastics and glass, FSC-labelled paper and cardboard, double-sided printing on boxes to avoid inserting a leaflet and more.

The brand also aims to fully reintegrate the professional circuit of institutes and spas by offering tailor-made solutions for each partner. The brand provides training, protocols, equipment and merchandising to ensure optimal customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Algotherm is a brand that has reinvented itself while staying true to its DNA. By combining its historical expertise with the latest innovations in marine cosmeceuticals, the brand offers effective and sustainable products that cater to the needs of today’s consumers.

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