Warzone Season 1: What to Expect from MW3 Integration and Stats Reset

Call of Duty: Warzone is getting ready for a major update on December 6, 2023, as it integrates with the latest installment of the franchise, Modern Warfare 3. The new season will bring a lot of changes and new content to the popular battle royale game, including a new map, new modes, new weapons, new operators, and more. Here are some of the highlights of what’s coming in Warzone Season 1.

One of the most anticipated features of Warzone Season 1 is the introduction of a new map, Urzikstan. This map is based on the fictional country of the same name that appears in the MW3 campaign, and it will replace the current Al Mazrah map. Urzikstan will feature 11 named points of interest, such as Orlov Military Base, Popov Power, and Zaravan Suburbs. The map will also have a variety of terrain, from industrial to rural to suburban areas.

Warzone Season 1: What to Expect from MW3 Integration and Stats Reset
Warzone Season 1: What to Expect from MW3 Integration and Stats Reset

Urzikstan will be the only map available for the first 48 hours of Season 1, and it will support all modes, including Battle Royale, Resurgence, and Plunder. After that, the smaller maps of Ashika Island and Vondel will return, along with a new limited-time mode called Urzikstan Resurgence, which will focus on select areas of the new map.

MW3 Integration: New Movement, Weapons, and Operators

Another major change in Warzone Season 1 is the integration of MW3’s features and content. This means that Warzone will adopt MW3’s movement mechanics, such as slide canceling, tac-stance, ADS while sliding, and running while reloading. It also means that Warzone will have the classic red dots on the mini map, instead of the compass system.

In addition, Warzone Season 1 will bring five new weapons and nine new aftermarket parts from MW3, as well as two new operators: Nolan and Dokkaebi. These can be unlocked through the new battle pass, which will also include a premium BlackCell pass that offers exclusive skins, tier skips, and more. The season will also feature new shop bundles based on The Boys, Dune, and Santa.

Gameplay Improvements: Manual Gas Mask, Backup Pistol, and More

Warzone Season 1 will also introduce some gameplay improvements and updates that will enhance the player experience. One of these is the ability to manually choose when to equip the gas mask, which will prevent the annoying animation and sound effect from interrupting the gameplay. Players will be able to stow the gas mask in their backpack and equip it later when they need it.

Another improvement is the backup pistol, which will allow players to always have a dedicated pistol when swimming, climbing ladders, or ledge hanging, regardless of their loadout. This will give players more options and flexibility in combat situations. Moreover, the water visibility will be improved, making it easier to see targets in and out of the water.

Other gameplay updates include the return of Warzone 1’s loot rarity, the experimental gas grenade that deals gas damage, and the new Gulag arena that features a simple three-lane design and a new way to escape by using an ascender.

Santa’s Slayground: A Holiday Event with Zombie Santa and More

Warzone Season 1 will also celebrate the holiday season with a special event called Santa’s Slayground. This event will feature a new limited-time mode called Slay Ride Resurgence, where players can encounter Zombie Santa, go undead deer hunting, open presents under holiday trees, complete new event challenges, and more. The event will also add festive decorations and music to the maps, as well as snowballs and candy canes as throwable items.

Warzone Season 1 will launch on December 6, 2023, at 9:00 AM PT, and it will be available for free for all players. The update will also mark the end of support for Warzone DMZ, which will no longer be connected to Warzone or MW3. This means that players will not be able to sync their progression or access any new content from Warzone or MW3 in Warzone DMZ.

Warzone Season 1 promises to be a huge update that will revamp the game and offer a lot of new and exciting content for the fans. Whether you are a veteran or a newcomer, you will surely find something to enjoy in Warzone Season 1.

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