MTZ Interceptor gets a welcome update in Warzone Season 1

The MTZ Interceptor, one of the most popular and powerful marksman rifles in Warzone, has received a much-needed update from the developers at Raven Software. The update addresses some of the issues that players have been facing with the weapon, such as its recoil, accuracy, and damage range. The update also adds some new features and options to customize the MTZ Interceptor, making it more versatile and fun to use.

The MTZ Interceptor is a semi-automatic marksman rifle that was introduced in Warzone Season 1. It is based on the real-life M14 EBR, a modernized version of the classic M14 rifle. The MTZ Interceptor has a high rate of fire, a large magazine capacity, and a fast reload speed. It can deal devastating damage at medium to long ranges, making it a formidable weapon for sniping and counter-sniping.

MTZ Interceptor gets a welcome update in Warzone Season 1
MTZ Interceptor gets a welcome update in Warzone Season 1

However, the MTZ Interceptor also has some drawbacks, such as its high recoil, low bullet velocity, and limited mobility. These factors make it difficult to control and handle, especially in close-quarters combat. Many players have been asking for some tweaks and improvements to the MTZ Interceptor, and the developers have finally delivered.

According to the patch notes, the MTZ Interceptor has received the following changes:

  • Reduced recoil
  • Increased bullet velocity
  • Increased damage range
  • Added new attachments, such as the VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor, the MTZ Blackthorn Barrel, and the MCW Blackjack Stock
  • Added new optics, such as the Corio Eagleseye 2.5x and the Slate Reflector
  • Added new camos, stickers, and charms

These changes aim to make the MTZ Interceptor more balanced, reliable, and enjoyable to use. They also give players more options and flexibility to customize the weapon according to their playstyle and preference.

How do players react to the MTZ Interceptor update?

The MTZ Interceptor update has been met with positive feedback and praise from the Warzone community. Many players have expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the developers for listening to their feedback and addressing their concerns. They have also shared their experiences and opinions on the new and improved MTZ Interceptor, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses.

Some of the comments from the players are:

  • “The MTZ Interceptor is amazing now. It feels so smooth and accurate. It’s like a laser beam. I love it.”
  • “The MTZ Interceptor is still a beast, but not as OP as before. It has more recoil and less damage than the DMR-14, but it’s faster and more versatile. It’s a fair trade-off.”
  • “The MTZ Interceptor is a lot of fun to use. It has a lot of new attachments and options to play with. It’s like a new weapon. I’m glad they didn’t nerf it to the ground.”
  • “The MTZ Interceptor is not for everyone. It still requires skill and patience to use. It’s not a spray and pray weapon. It’s a precision weapon. You have to aim for the head and chest to get the most out of it.”

What’s next for the MTZ Interceptor and Warzone Season 1?

The MTZ Interceptor update is part of the ongoing Warzone Season 1, which started on December 16, 2023. Warzone Season 1 features a new map, Caldera, which is set in the Pacific theater of World War II. It also features new weapons, operators, modes, challenges, and rewards.

The developers have promised to keep updating and improving the game, based on the feedback and suggestions from the players. They have also teased some upcoming content and events, such as the return of the Rebirth Island map, the introduction of the Vanguard integration, and the celebration of the Lunar New Year.

The MTZ Interceptor update is a welcome and refreshing change for the Warzone players, who have been enjoying the weapon’s performance and potential. The update shows that the developers are committed to providing a balanced and enjoyable experience for the players, and that they are open to listening and responding to their feedback. The MTZ Interceptor update is a sign of good things to come for Warzone Season 1 and beyond.

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