Icebox Map Gets a Major Overhaul in Valorant Episode 4

Valorant players can expect some big changes to the Icebox map in the upcoming Episode 4 of the popular tactical shooter. The map, which was introduced in Episode 1, has been a source of controversy among the community due to its complex layout and numerous angles. However, Riot Games seems to have listened to the feedback and is planning to revamp the map with some significant modifications.

One of the most noticeable changes coming to Icebox is the rotation of the yellow shipping container on B Site, which is commonly referred to as Yellow. The container will be turned to reduce the awkward angles and provide more cover for the attackers. Additionally, a new double box will be added near the container for extra post-plant protection.

Icebox Map Gets a Major Overhaul in Valorant Episode 4
Icebox Map Gets a Major Overhaul in Valorant Episode 4

Another change on B Site is the removal of the hut, which was often used by Sage players to wall off the entrance and stall the defenders. The hut will be replaced by a solid wall, which will limit the plant spots and force the attackers to be more creative.

Pipes and Screens on A Site

Moving on to A Site, the most significant change is the removal of the attacker-sided boost on Pipes, which allowed the attackers to gain a height advantage and peek over the site. Only the defender head glitch angle will remain, which will make the site more balanced and fair.

Another change on A Site is the reduction of the A Screens door from mid, which will make it harder for the attackers to push through and flank the defenders. Moreover, there will be more cover on the site itself, which will give the defenders more options to hide and hold angles.

Garage Exit from Attacker Spawn

The final major change is in the Garage area from the attacker spawn to B Site. The second exit from Garage will be moved towards the cutout, which will completely alter the lines of sight and the flow of the map. This will make it easier for the attackers to rotate and access B Site, but also more risky as they will be exposed to more angles.

Other Minor Changes

Apart from the major changes, there are also some minor tweaks that will improve the overall quality of the map. Some of the choke points will be shrunk to make them less cluttered and more manageable. Some of the props and details will also be adjusted to make the map more aesthetically pleasing and consistent.

Expected Release Date

The Icebox changes are expected to be released in Episode 4 Act 2, which is scheduled to start on February 15, 2024. However, players can test out the new-look Icebox on the PBE servers, which will open again on February 4, 2024. The Icebox overhaul is part of Riot Games’ plan to improve Valorant in Episode 4 with major agent and map changes rather than releasing new content.

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