Unstaffed bento shop in Japan causes chaos and confusion

A recent incident at an unstaffed bento shop in Japan has revealed the potential pitfalls of relying too much on technology and human honesty. The shop, which sells pre-packaged lunch boxes and side dishes, operates on a self-service system where customers scan a QR code to pay for their purchases. However, some customers took advantage of the lack of staff and surveillance to take more items than they paid for, or even leave without paying at all.

How the unstaffed bento shop works

The shop, located in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district, is run by a company called Bento Labo. The company claims to offer high-quality bento made with fresh ingredients and no additives. The shop has three refrigerators filled with various types of bento and side dishes, such as rice balls, salads, and fried chicken. Each item has a price tag and a QR code attached to it. Customers are supposed to scan the QR code with their smartphone, which will direct them to a payment app where they can choose their payment method and complete the transaction. The shop also has a microwave oven and disposable utensils for customers who want to eat on the spot.

Unstaffed bento shop in Japan causes chaos and confusion
Unstaffed bento shop in Japan causes chaos and confusion

According to the company’s website, the shop operates on the principle of trust and convenience. The company says that it trusts its customers to pay for what they take, and that it provides a convenient service for busy people who want to grab a quick and healthy meal. The company also says that it uses artificial intelligence and big data to analyze customer preferences and optimize its menu and inventory.

What went wrong at the unstaffed bento shop

However, the trust and convenience that the company envisioned were not shared by some of its customers. On November 18, 2023, a Twitter user posted a video of the shop, showing how chaotic and messy it was. The video showed that some of the refrigerators were almost empty, while others were overflowing with bento and side dishes. Some of the items were scattered on the floor, while others were left open and half-eaten. The video also showed that some customers were taking more items than they paid for, or even leaving without paying at all. The video quickly went viral, attracting over 100,000 views and thousands of comments.

Some of the comments expressed shock and disappointment at the behavior of the customers, while others blamed the company for being naive and irresponsible. Some of the comments were:

  • “This is so sad. How can people be so dishonest and greedy?”
  • “This is why we can’t have nice things. This is why Japan is losing its reputation for honesty and manners.”
  • “This is not a problem of technology, but a problem of human nature. Technology can’t fix human stupidity and selfishness.”
  • “This is a stupid idea. How can they expect people to pay without any staff or security? They are asking for trouble.”

How the company responded to the incident

The company, Bento Labo, issued a statement on its website on November 19, 2023, apologizing for the incident and explaining the situation. The company said that it was aware of the problems at the shop, and that it was working to improve its system and prevent further abuse. The company also said that it was not planning to close the shop, but rather to continue its experiment and learn from its mistakes. The company said that it believed in the potential of unstaffed stores, and that it hoped to create a better service for its customers and society. The company also thanked the customers who paid properly and supported its vision.

The company’s statement was met with mixed reactions from the public. Some people praised the company for its courage and innovation, while others criticized the company for its stubbornness and incompetence. Some of the reactions were:

  • “I admire the company for trying something new and not giving up. I hope they can succeed and prove the doubters wrong.”
  • “I think the company is wasting its time and money. They should just hire some staff and run a normal shop. They are making things complicated and risky for no reason.”
  • “I think the company is doing a social experiment. They are testing how people behave in different situations. Maybe they are collecting data for some research or project.”
  • “I think the company is just trying to get attention and publicity. They are using this incident as a marketing strategy. Maybe they are planning to sell their technology or data to other businesses.”

The future of unstaffed stores in Japan

The incident at the unstaffed bento shop has raised questions about the feasibility and desirability of unstaffed stores in Japan. Unstaffed stores have become more and more popular in Japan recently, with everything from clothes to gyoza now available at any time of the day or night. These stores are seen as a way to reduce labor costs, increase convenience, and adapt to the changing lifestyles and preferences of consumers. However, these stores also face challenges such as security, hygiene, and customer satisfaction. Moreover, these stores may have social and ethical implications, such as the loss of human interaction, the erosion of trust, and the impact on employment and income.

As technology advances and society changes, unstaffed stores may become more common and diverse in Japan. However, whether they will be accepted and appreciated by the public remains to be seen. Perhaps, the success or failure of unstaffed stores will depend not only on the quality and efficiency of the technology, but also on the honesty and responsibility of the people.

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