TikTok introduces new tool to label AI-generated content on the app

TikTok, the popular short-video app, has announced that it will launch a new tool that will help its creators label AI-generated content on the app. The tool is part of TikTok’s efforts to curb misinformation and promote transparency on its platform.

What is AI-generated content?

AI-generated content is any content that has been created or modified by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, such as deepfakes, face swaps, voice cloning, and text generation. AI-generated content can be used for various purposes, such as entertainment, education, art, and satire. However, it can also pose risks of spreading false or misleading information, violating privacy, and harming reputation.

TikTok introduces new tool to label AI-generated content on the app
TikTok introduces new tool to label AI-generated content on the app

Why is TikTok launching the new tool?

TikTok said in a news release that the new tool will help creators easily comply with the company’s existing AI policy, which requires all manipulated content that shows realistic scenes to be labeled in a way that indicates they’re fake or altered. TikTok prohibits deepfakes – videos and images that have been digitally created or altered with artificial intelligence – that misled users about real-world events. It doesn’t allow deepfakes of private figures and young people, but is OK with altered images of public figures in certain contexts, including for artistic and educational purposes.

Additionally, the company said on Tuesday it will begin testing an “AI-generated” label this week that will eventually apply to content it detects to been edited or created by AI. It will also rename effects on the app that have AI to explicitly include “AI” in their name and corresponding label.

The move by TikTok comes amid rising concerns about how the AI arms race will affect misinformation. The European Union, for example, has been pushing online platforms to step up the fight against false information by adding labels to text, photos and other content generated by artificial intelligence.

How will the new tool work?

The new tool will allow creators to declare whether their posts contain AI-generated content more easily. When uploading a video, a toggle labeled “AI-generated content” will be found under “more options”. TikTok notes under the toggle that the label will help avoid “content removal” and that the platform may remove unlabeled material.

The tool will also use TikTok’s own AI technology to detect and label AI-generated content automatically. TikTok said it will use a combination of human review and machine learning to ensure accuracy and consistency of the labels.

The tool will be rolled out gradually to all users in the coming weeks. TikTok said it will also provide educational resources and guidance to creators on how to use the tool and comply with the AI policy.

What are the benefits of the new tool?

The new tool will have several benefits for both creators and users of TikTok. For creators, the tool will:

  • Help them avoid content removal or violation of the AI policy
  • Enhance their credibility and authenticity
  • Encourage them to use AI-generated content responsibly and creatively

For users, the tool will:

  • Help them identify and differentiate between real and AI-generated content
  • Provide them with more context and information about the content they consume
  • Empower them to make informed decisions and report any inappropriate or harmful content

TikTok said it hopes that the new tool will foster a culture of transparency and trust on its platform, as well as inspire more innovation and creativity among its creators.

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