A New York Winter Wonderland: Field of Light at Freedom Plaza

Bruce Munro, an internationally acclaimed artist known for his large-scale light-based artworks, has revealed the first renderings of his upcoming public art installation, Field of Light at Freedom Plaza. The installation, which will open to the public this winter, will cover more than six acres of land on Manhattan’s East Side and will feature an array of 17,000 low-light, fiber-optic stemmed spheres. The installation is made possible by the Soloviev Foundation, a philanthropic organization that supports art, education, and social justice.

Munro presented his inspiration for Field of Light and his hopes for New York’s reception and enjoyment at an event hosted by the Soloviev Foundation at Midtown Manhattan’s Cucina 8½ on September 19, 2023. He said that Field of Light stands for “boundless imagination and the freedom to dream”. He added that he hopes that the installation will warm hearts and inspire both young and old to take from it and create something of their own to pass on to others.

A New York Winter Wonderland: Field of Light at Freedom Plaza
A New York Winter Wonderland: Field of Light at Freedom Plaza

A tribute to New York’s enduring creative spirit

Michael Hershman, the CEO of Soloviev Group, said that New York City has always been and continues to be a global epicenter of freedom and the creative spirit. He said that he is thrilled to share this transformative experience with the community and the world. He also said that Field of Light will honor New York’s resilience and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected millions of lives and livelihoods.

Field of Light will span from 38th to 41st Street east of First Avenue and will offer a stunning contrast between the ethereal painted landscape and the city’s iconic skyline and the East River waterfront. Guests will be fully immersed in the installation as they are invited to walk the winding path through the glowing field of light. The installation will also provide meaningful opportunities for community engagement and educational programming, such as workshops, lectures, performances, and tours.

A free and accessible experience for all

Field of Light will welcome guests free of charge and will remain in place for 12 months. Visitors are encouraged to follow @fieldoflightnyc on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok as well as the project website fieldoflightnyc.com for timely updates and information on how to ultimately reserve a complimentary time for their visit.

Field of Light is one of Munro’s most celebrated works, which he first conceived in 1992 after a trip to Uluru in Australia. Since then, he has created several versions of Field of Light in different locations around the world, such as London, Sharjah, Texas, and Kings Canyon. Munro said that he is honored to bring Field of Light to New York, a city that he admires for its diversity, energy, and creativity.

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