Fans Slam Tiffany Haddish for Her Insensitive Israel Trip Amid Gaza War

Tiffany Haddish, the actress and comedian who starred in “Girls Trip” and “Night School”, has sparked outrage and criticism from many of her fans and followers with her Instagram Live video, where she announced that she was flying to Israel to “find a man” and to see the war with her “own eyes”. The video, which was posted on Tuesday, showed Haddish in a business class seat on an airplane, holding a glass of “orange juice” and singing a song about her trip.

Haddish, who is 44 years old and Jewish, said that she was going to Israel for an “educational trip” and that she wanted to learn about the history and the politics of the region. She also said that she was going to visit Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and the Dead Sea, and that she was hoping to meet her “future man” there. She also asked her viewers if Gaza was in Israel, and said that she wanted to go there too.

Haddish’s video was met with backlash and condemnation from many people, who accused her of being insensitive, ignorant, and tone-deaf, as she was traveling to a war zone for fun and romance, while thousands of people were dying and suffering. Some people also pointed out that Haddish was violating the COVID-19 travel restrictions, and that she was endangering herself and others by going to a high-risk area. Some people also questioned her motives and intentions, and suggested that she was using the war as a publicity stunt.

A Violent and Deadly War in the Middle East

The war in Gaza, which started on October 7, 2023, after Hamas-led militants killed about 1,200 people in Israel and took around 240 hostages, has been one of the most violent and deadly wars in the Middle East. According to the Gaza Health Ministry, more than 29,000 Palestinians have been killed and over 100,000 injured by the Israeli airstrikes and shelling, while more than 75 percent of the population has been displaced and left without access to basic services, such as water, electricity, and health care.

Israel, which has been defending itself from the Hamas attacks, has also suffered casualties and damages. According to the Israeli Defense Forces, more than 3,000 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel, killing at least 300 Israelis and injuring over 2,000. The rockets have also caused widespread damage to buildings and infrastructure, and disrupted the daily life of millions of Israelis.

The international community has been trying to broker a ceasefire and end the hostilities, but the efforts have been unsuccessful so far. The United States, which is a close ally of Israel, has drafted a resolution for the UN Security Council calling for a temporary ceasefire “as soon as practicable”, but the resolution has not been adopted yet. The UK, which is also a friend of Israel, has called for “an immediate humanitarian ceasefire” for the first time since the war began, and has urged both sides to respect international humanitarian law and protect civilians.

A Personal and Professional Connection with Israel

Haddish, who was born in Los Angeles to an African-American mother and an Eritrean father, discovered that she was Jewish later in life, after she found out that her father was an Ethiopian Jew who had immigrated to the US. She had her Bat Mitzvah at 40, and embraced her Jewish identity and heritage. She also visited Israel and the Palestinian territories in 2018, becoming the first British royal to do so.

Haddish, who is also a successful and popular entertainer, has also expressed her interest and admiration for Israel and its culture. She has learned Hebrew, and has performed comedy shows in Tel Aviv. She has also collaborated with Israeli celebrities, such as Gal Gadot and Bar Refaeli, and has supported Israeli causes, such as the Magen David Adom, the Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross.

Haddish, who has a personal and professional connection with Israel, has also been vocal about her views and opinions on the conflict and the peace process. She has said that she supports a two-state solution, which would allow a secure and recognized Israel to live alongside a viable and independent Palestinian state. She has also said that she hopes for a peaceful and prosperous future for the region.

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