Tekken 8 Launches with 32 Characters and New Game Mode

Tekken 8, the eighth mainline installment in the Tekken franchise, is set to launch on January 26, 2024 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. The game promises to deliver a thrilling and satisfying fighting experience with improved graphics, gameplay, and online features.

The game will feature 32 characters at launch, including returning favorites and newcomers. Some of the confirmed characters are Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Nina Williams, Asuka Kazama, Leroy Smith, Ling Xiaoyu, Jun Kazama, Jack-8, Lars Alexandersson, King, Marshall Law, Paul Phoenix, and more. Each character will have their own unique fighting style, moves, and personality.

Tekken 8 Launches with 32 Characters and New Game Mode
Tekken 8 Launches with 32 Characters and New Game Mode

The game will also introduce a new game mode called Tekken Force, which is a single-player mode that lets players explore various stages and fight against enemies and bosses. The mode will have a story that ties in with the main plot of the game, which revolves around the final showdown between Jin and Kazuya.

A new era of Tekken gameplay

Tekken 8 will bring some new changes and additions to the gameplay mechanics of the series. The game will feature a new system called Rage Drive, which allows players to unleash powerful attacks when their health is low. The game will also have a new mechanic called Wall Break, which lets players break through walls and transition to different areas of the stage.

The game will also have a revamped online mode that will support cross-play and rollback netcode. Cross-play will enable players to play with each other regardless of their platform, while rollback netcode will ensure a smooth and stable online connection. The game will also have a ranking system, leaderboards, tournaments, and other online features.

A collaboration with Arika

Tekken 8 is being developed by Bandai Namco, the publisher and developer of the Tekken series. However, the game is also being co-developed by Arika, the developer of Fighting EX Layer and the Street Fighter EX series. Arika is helping with the development of the game, bringing some of their expertise and experience in the fighting game genre.

Arika is also contributing some of their original characters to the game, such as Kairi, Hokuto, Skullomania, and Doctrine Dark. These characters will be available as DLC characters after the launch of the game. Arika’s characters will have their own unique moves and abilities, as well as their own story and interactions with the Tekken cast.

A highly anticipated game for fighting game fans

Tekken 8 is one of the most anticipated games for fighting game fans, as it is the culmination of the long-running saga of the Mishima family. The game will also offer a lot of content and features for both casual and hardcore players, as well as a high level of quality and polish.

The game has received positive feedback from the fans and critics who have tried the game in the closed alpha tests. The game has also been featured in various events and shows, such as Gamescom, EVO Japan, and the Tekken World Tour. The game is expected to be a huge success and a milestone for the Tekken series.

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