Stephen King praises ‘Salem’s Lot’ remake, urges Warner Bros. to release it

Stephen King, the best-selling author of horror novels, has taken to social media to share his review of the remake of his classic vampire novel, ‘Salem’s Lot’. King says he has seen the film, which is directed by Gary Dauberman and stars Lewis Pullman, Alfre Woodard, and Bill Camp, and calls it ‘quite good’. He also wonders why Warner Bros. is holding it back, as he says it is not embarrassing or anything.

King writes, “Between you and me, Twitter, I’ve seen the new SALEM’S LOT and it’s quite good. Old-school horror filmmaking: slow build, big payoff. Not sure why WB is holding it back; not like it’s embarrassing, or anything. Who knows. I just write the f***ing things.” He adds that the film has the feel of ‘Old Hollywood’, when films were given a chance to draw a breath before getting to business, and when attention spans were longer. He compares it to a horror movie version of ‘The Great Escape’.

He also reveals his favorite scene from the film, which involves Danny Glick, a young boy who becomes a vampire, in the hospital, trying to claw down a blood bag. He says it is ‘terrific’ and ‘scary as hell’. He compliments Dauberman’s direction, saying he is ‘like John Carpenter in his prime’.

The film is based on King’s 1975 novel, which has been adapted twice before

‘Salem’s Lot’ is based on King’s second novel, which was published in 1975. The novel tells the story of Ben Mears, a writer who returns to his hometown of Jerusalem’s Lot, Maine, only to find that it has been taken over by vampires. He teams up with a few other survivors to fight the undead menace, led by the ancient and evil Kurt Barlow.

The novel has been adapted twice before, once as a TV miniseries in 1979, directed by Tobe Hooper and starring David Soul, James Mason, and Lance Kerwin, and once as a TV movie in 2004, directed by Mikael Salomon and starring Rob Lowe, Donald Sutherland, and Rutger Hauer. Both adaptations received positive reviews from critics and fans, and are considered among the best adaptations of King’s works.

The remake was announced in 2016, with Dauberman attached to write and produce. Dauberman is known for his work on ‘The Conjuring’ universe, as well as the ‘It’ films, which are also based on King’s novels. In 2019, Dauberman was confirmed to direct the film as well. The film was scheduled to start production in 2020, but was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The film finally wrapped up shooting in April 2023, and is currently in post-production.

The film’s release date is unknown, as Warner Bros. has not given any updates

The film’s release date is unknown, as Warner Bros. has not given any updates on its status or plans. The film was originally expected to be released in 2021, but was pushed back due to the pandemic. The film was then rumored to be released in 2022, but no official announcement was made. The film was also speculated to be released on HBO Max, Warner Bros.’ streaming service, but no confirmation was given.

King’s tweet has sparked a lot of interest and excitement among his fans and horror lovers, who are eager to see the film. Many have expressed their frustration and disappointment with Warner Bros. for keeping the film in limbo, and have urged the studio to release it as soon as possible. Some have also suggested that the film should be released on Halloween, as it would be a perfect fit for the occasion.

King has not given any further details or comments on the film, but has said that he hopes that Warner Bros. will release it soon. He has also thanked Dauberman and the cast and crew for their work on the film, and has said that he is proud of the film and the adaptation.

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