Saudi Arabia’s Mining Exploration Licensing Round: Six Qualified Bidders Announced

In a significant development, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources has unveiled the six qualified bidders for the Fifth Round of Exploration Licensing across six mining sites. These sites collectively cover an impressive area of 1,000 square kilometers. Let’s delve into the details:

The first bidder, Discover Arabia Mining Company, has set its sights on the Al Halahilah site in the Najran region. This site holds immense potential for various minerals, including gold, silver, copper, zinc, and lead.

AMAK, a well-established player in the mining industry, aims to explore the Jalabl Qaran site in the Najran region. The rich mineral deposits here promise exciting prospects for the company.

Eqleed Group and Indotan Mining Company Alliance – Makman Hjab (Riyadh Region)

The collaboration between Eqleed Group and Indotan Mining Company has its eyes on the Makman Hjab site in the Riyadh region. With funding support from the Industrial Development Fund, this alliance is poised to uncover valuable resources.

Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Maaden) – An Nimas (Aseer Region)

Maaden, a prominent name in Saudi Arabia’s mining sector, has chosen the An Nimas site in the Aseer region. The mineral-rich terrain here includes potential reserves of gold, silver, and other valuable metals.

Royal Roads Arabia Company – Al Miyah (Makkah Region)

Royal Roads Arabia Company is venturing into the Al Miyah site in the Makkah region. The company’s exploration efforts will focus on uncovering hidden treasures beneath the surface.

AMAK – Al-Hijra (Aseer Region)

AMAK, not content with its earlier bid, also targets the Al-Hijra site in the Aseer region. The diverse mineral composition of this site presents exciting opportunities for further exploration.

These qualified bidders will benefit from substantial funding—75 percent of exploration costs—courtesy of the Industrial Development Fund. As they delve into the depths of Saudi Arabia’s mineral wealth, we eagerly await the discoveries that lie ahead.

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