Saudi Air Connectivity Program: Enhancing Air Travel and Tourism

The Saudi Air Connectivity Program (ACP), under the Ministry of Tourism of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a strategic initiative aimed at enhancing air connectivity from unserved and underserved markets worldwide to the Kingdom. As part of the ambitious national vision, the ACP focuses on developing existing and prospective air routes, connecting new international destinations to Saudi Arabia.

New Routes and Strategic Partnerships

Since its establishment in 2021, the ACP has made significant strides:

  • New Routes Developed by November 2023: The program has successfully introduced new air routes, expanding the Kingdom’s global connectivity.
  • Strategic Partnerships with Local and International Carriers: Collaborations with airlines have been instrumental in achieving the ACP’s objectives.

Driving Tourism and Economic Growth

The ACP aligns with the National Tourism Strategy, which aims to:

  • Attract 150 million tourists by 2030.
  • Create 1.6 million job opportunities, particularly for youth employment.
  • Increase tourism’s contribution to the Kingdom’s GDP.

By bolstering air connectivity, the ACP contributes to realizing Saudi Vision 2030 and solidifying the Kingdom’s position on the global tourism map.

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