Samsung’s XR headset to debut in late 2024 with limited production

Samsung is reportedly planning to launch its first mixed reality headset, codenamed “Infinite”, in December 2024. The device will compete with Apple’s Vision Pro, which is expected to start shipping in January 2024. Samsung is taking a cautious approach with its XR headset, similar to how it treated its foldable phones.

Samsung announced its collaboration with Google and Qualcomm on a next-generation XR operating system and headset at Unpacked in February 2023. The device will run on a special version of Android and will be powered by a Snapdragon chip. Samsung also teased some features of the headset, such as hand tracking, eye tracking, and spatial audio.

Samsung’s XR headset to debut in late 2024 with limited production
Samsung’s XR headset to debut in late 2024 with limited production

The XR headset will combine virtual reality and augmented reality, creating a seamless experience between the digital and physical worlds. Samsung has been working on XR technology for years, launching several VR headsets and AR glasses. However, the Infinite headset will be its most ambitious and advanced product in this field.

Samsung delays XR headset after Apple Vision Pro reveal

Samsung was initially expected to launch or showcase its XR headset this year, but the product was reportedly delayed after Apple unveiled its Vision Pro headset in September 2023. Apple’s headset is a high-end device that features a sleek design, a custom chip, and OLEDoS displays. Apple claims that its headset will offer a breakthrough XR experience, with realistic graphics, intuitive controls, and immersive content.

Samsung was apparently surprised by Apple’s announcement and decided to revise its XR headset plans. According to sources, Samsung wanted to improve its device’s performance, design, and content to match or surpass Apple’s standards. Samsung also wanted to avoid a direct competition with Apple, which has a loyal fan base and a strong ecosystem.

Samsung to launch XR headset in late 2024 with 30,000 units

According to a new report from South Korea, Samsung is now aiming to launch its XR headset in December 2024. The company may unveil the device during an Unpacked event in the second half of the year, possibly alongside its foldable phones. However, the sales will start later, giving Samsung more time to polish its product and prepare its marketing strategy.

Samsung is also taking a conservative approach with its production numbers, targeting only 30,000 units for the initial batch. This is similar to how Samsung launched its first foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, in 2019, with a limited supply and a high price. Samsung gradually increased its foldable phone sales over the years, reaching over 20 million units in 2025.

Samsung’s strategy is to test the market demand and consumer feedback for its XR headset, before expanding its production and distribution. Samsung hopes that its XR headset will become a mainstream product in the future, just like its foldable phones. Samsung also expects that its partnership with Google will give it an edge over Apple, as Google has a wider reach and a more open platform.

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