The Real Footballer’s Wives: A New Show That Exposes the Ups and Downs of Being a Premier League WAG

A new show on Amazon, titled ‘The Real Footballer’s Wives’, reveals the truth behind the glamorous and extravagant lives of the wives and girlfriends of some of the most famous football players in the world. The show features six women who share their personal stories, challenges, and secrets, as they deal with the perks and pitfalls of being in a relationship with a Premier League star.

The show, which is set to premiere on February 28, 2024, follows the lives of six women who are married to or dating some of the top footballers in England. They are:

  • Chloe, who is married to Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne. She is a former model and a mother of three children. She reveals how she balances her family life and her husband’s busy schedule, and how she deals with the media attention and the online trolls.
  • Yasmin, who is engaged to Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah. She is a fashion designer and a social media influencer. She shares how she met and fell in love with Salah, and how she adapts to the cultural differences and the religious expectations of being with a Muslim footballer.
  • Rebecca, who is married to Arsenal defender David Luiz. She is a lawyer and a human rights activist. She talks about how she supports her husband’s career and his charitable causes, and how she handles the stress and the uncertainty of the transfer market.
  • Sophie, who is dating Chelsea winger Christian Pulisic. She is a singer and a songwriter. She opens up about how she pursues her own dreams and passions, and how she copes with the long-distance relationship and the jealousy of the fans.
  • Laura, who is married to Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea. She is a journalist and a TV presenter. She discusses how she juggles her work and her family, and how she overcomes the language barrier and the cultural shock of living in England.
  • Nadia, who is married to Newcastle United defender Jamal Lascelles. She is a fitness trainer and a lifestyle blogger. She reveals how she maintains her health and her beauty, and how she faces the challenges and the opportunities of being a mixed-race couple in the football world.

The glamour and the drama

The show promises to offer an exclusive and intimate look at the private lives of the footballers and their partners, and to show the lavish and extravagant aspects of their lifestyles, such as:

  • The parties and the celebrations, such as Chloe’s birthday party, which required 65kg of lemons, and Yasmin’s engagement party, which was held at a luxury hotel in Dubai.
  • The holidays and the travels, such as Rebecca’s trip to Brazil, where she met David’s family and friends, and Sophie’s visit to Hawaii, where she enjoyed the sun and the surf with Christian.
  • The moves and the transfers, such as Laura’s shock move to Saudi Arabia, where David signed a lucrative deal with Al-Hilal, and Nadia’s relocation to Newcastle, where Jamal became the captain of the team.

However, the show also exposes some of the difficulties and the drawbacks of being a footballer’s wife, such as:

  • The loneliness and the isolation, such as Chloe’s struggle to make friends in Manchester, and Yasmin’s feeling of being an outsider in Liverpool.
  • The pressure and the expectations, such as Rebecca’s anxiety about David’s performance and future, and Sophie’s insecurity about Christian’s fidelity and commitment.
  • The rules and the restrictions, such as Laura’s inability to wear false nails or lashes in Saudi Arabia, and Nadia’s frustration with the strict diet and the fitness regime that Jamal imposes on her.

The show also tackles some of the sensitive and controversial issues that affect the footballers and their partners, such as:

  • The racism and the discrimination, such as Yasmin’s experience of being harassed and abused online for being a Muslim woman, and Nadia’s encounter with a racist fan who insulted her and Jamal.
  • The sexism and the misogyny, such as Chloe’s criticism for being a stay-at-home mom, and Rebecca’s challenge to break the glass ceiling in her profession.

The show aims to offer a realistic and honest portrayal of the lives of the women behind the footballers, and to show that their lives are not as easy as they look.

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