Panasonic Automotive aims to diversify its products and partnerships

Panasonic Automotive Systems, a subsidiary of Japan’s Panasonic Holdings, is looking to broaden its portfolio of products and services for the automotive industry. The company, which is known for supplying battery cells to electric vehicle (EV) maker Tesla, plans to offer more solutions for in-car features such as infotainment systems, cameras, head-up displays, and audio systems.

At the CES electronics trade fair in Las Vegas, Panasonic Automotive unveiled a new platform that it says can make in-vehicle computing faster and lighter by reducing the number of electronic control units (ECUs). The platform, which is named Neuron, integrates multiple ECUs into a central unit that can handle functions for driving support and entertainment.

According to Panasonic Automotive, Neuron can help lower the cost, weight, and integration complexity of vehicles by eliminating redundant components. The company also claims that Neuron can enable software-defined vehicles that can be upgraded wirelessly.

Panasonic Automotive aims to diversify its products and partnerships
Panasonic Automotive aims to diversify its products and partnerships

Panasonic Automotive seeks to increase its sales and partnerships

Panasonic Automotive’s US technology chief, Andrew Poliak, told Automotive News that the company aims to nearly double its sales by expanding its customer base and product range. He said that Panasonic Automotive wants to build deeper relationships and make new ones with tech giants and automakers at CES 2024.

Panasonic Automotive has already formed partnerships with some companies in the industry, such as Amazon and Fisker. In 2022, Panasonic Automotive and Amazon collaborated to create Virtual SkipGen, a virtual replica of the physical third-generation Digital Cockpit solution SkipGen. Virtual SkipGen allows automakers to decouple software development from hardware development.

Panasonic Automotive also teamed up with Fisker to design an audio system for two variants of the Fisker Ocean, an electric SUV. The audio system, which is called Pulse, was unveiled in November 2022.

Panasonic supports the growth of its automotive business

Panasonic, the parent company of Panasonic Automotive, is ready to fully back the growth of its automotive business. In November 2022, Panasonic agreed to sell a stake in its automotive unit to Apollo Global Management, a private equity firm. Panasonic hopes that the deal will give Panasonic Automotive access to large and new financing opportunities.

Panasonic also plans to invest more in its battery business, which is one of its main sources of revenue. Panasonic is the exclusive supplier of battery cells for Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. Panasonic is also working with Toyota to develop prismatic batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles.

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