Overwatch 2’s New Map Takes You to a Volcanic Island

Overwatch 2, the upcoming sequel to the popular team-based shooter game, has revealed a new map that will be available in the next season. The map is called Samoa, and it is a tropical island with a twist: one of the points is set inside a volcano.

Samoa is a Control map, which means that two teams of six players each will compete to capture and hold a single point on the map. The point changes location after each round, and the first team to win two rounds wins the match.

The three points on Samoa are very different from each other, according to the game director Aaron Keller and the executive producer Jared Neuss, who showed the map during the Overwatch League Grand Finals broadcast. They said that the map was inspired by the culture and geography of Samoa, a Pacific island nation.

Overwatch 2’s New Map Takes You to a Volcanic Island
Overwatch 2’s New Map Takes You to a Volcanic Island

The first point is called Beach, and it is located on a sandy shore with palm trees and ocean waves. The point is surrounded by water, which can be used to knock enemies off the map or to escape from danger. The second point is called Village, and it is a colorful town with shops, houses, and a church. The point is in the center of the town, and there are many routes and flanking opportunities for both teams.

The third point is called Volcano, and it is the most unique and exciting one. The point is inside an active volcano, with lava flowing around it. The point itself is on a metal platform that can be raised or lowered by activating switches on the sides. The lava can also be used to eliminate enemies or to create environmental hazards.

A Map Full of Easter Eggs and Details

The developers said that Samoa is full of Easter eggs and details that fans of Overwatch will enjoy. For example, there are some references to Mauga, a character from the Overwatch lore who might be the next hero to join the game. Mauga is a Talon agent who has super strength and uses a pair of heavy machine guns. He is also from Samoa, and his name can be seen on some signs and banners on the map.

Another Easter egg is that instead of basketballs in the spawn rooms, there are coconuts that can be thrown into baskets. This is a fun nod to the tropical theme of the map and a challenge for players who like to play basketball before each match.

The map also has some beautiful visuals and sounds that create a immersive atmosphere. The developers said that they wanted to make Samoa feel like a paradise that has been corrupted by Talon, the evil organization that opposes Overwatch. There are some signs of Talon’s presence on the map, such as graffiti, propaganda posters, and hacked robots.

A Map That Will Test Your Skills and Strategy

The developers said that Samoa is a map that will test your skills and strategy as an Overwatch player. Each point has its own challenges and opportunities, and you will need to adapt your hero choice and playstyle accordingly.

For example, on Beach, you might want to use heroes that can push enemies into the water or fly over it, such as Lucio, Pharah, or D.Va. On Village, you might want to use heroes that can navigate through tight spaces or use high ground, such as Tracer, Widowmaker, or Winston. On Volcano, you might want to use heroes that can control the platform or avoid the lava, such as Reinhardt, Mei, or Mercy.

The developers also said that they wanted to make Samoa a fun and dynamic map that will offer different experiences each time you play it. They said that they hope that players will enjoy exploring the map and discovering its secrets.

Samoa will be available in Overwatch 2 when Season 7 goes live on October 10th. You can watch the trailer for the map here.

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