New aluminum fluoride manufacturing plant to give 100 employments in Maan


Jordan Phosphate Mines Company Chairman Muhammad Thneibat and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alufluoride Limited of India Venkat Narayanan consent to an arrangement to set up a plant to deliver aluminum fluoride in Jordan on Wednesday.

The Jordan Chemicals Company, which is completely claimed by the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company (JPMC), and Alufluoride Limited of India on Wednesday consented to an arrangement to build up a manufacturing plant to deliver aluminum fluoride in Jordan.

Under the understanding, the main period of the undertaking incorporates building the manufacturing plant, worth $25 million, in Al Shidiyeh locale in Maan and the modernisation of the JPMC’s aluminum fluoride plant in Aqaba for the reasons for creating aluminum fluoride at a similar expense.

aluminum fluoride manufacturing plant

The JPMC will likewise supply the new manufacturing plant with 20,000 tons of fluosilic corrosive every year, an optional result of the extraction of phosphate in the Shidiyeh mines, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, announced.

JPMC Chairman Muhammad Thneibat, who consented to the arrangement with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alufluoride Limited of India Venkat Narayanan, focused on the significance of this understanding as a major aspect of the organization’s endeavors to move towards transformation businesses and expansion of the organization’s salary sources.

Development of the new production line in Al Shidiyeh, which is booked to begin toward the start of one month from now and proceed for 15 months, will give about 100 new position open doors for inhabitants, he noted.

In the wake of revamping the aluminum fluoride processing plant in Aqaba, the new manufacturing plant creation of aluminum fluoride should arrive at 20,000 tons in each plant in the first and second stages, as per Thneibat.

He reported that the organization will consent to a progression of arrangements this year as a component of broadening its associations and improving its generation and monetary abilities.

As far as concerns him, Narayanan communicated the Indian side’s pride in its association with JPMC in different fields, including that the new plant comprises a “subjective expansion” to the organization and adds to fortifying relations and participation between the different sides.


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